Vegas 2020 - Totally Blown Away Is An Understatement

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I'll start out this post by telling you that 2020 has been a wild ride for me so far.

It seems like if something could go wrong, it will!

For example, my heating broke at the start of the year... Meaning I've been working at the computer in 0 degrees (and sometimes even lower) temperatures... Not so fun.

Then a parking company decided to start issuing tickets on my car in my own space outside my home (long story)... And at around £700 worth of tickets I decided that also wasn't fun either.

But thankfully I had the Vegas conference as something to look forward to...

Only it seemed like the problems hadn't quite ended.

I was driving to the airport & about an hour out my car's engine warning light came on. Even more annoyingly this is a new car I just purchased a few months ago.

Anyway, thankfully I made it to the airport but then I got an email from British Airways mentioning that there may be issues with the flight due to Storm Dennis which was hitting the UK at the time.

Would I actually make it to Vegas? That was the worrying thought that kept running through my mind based on how things were going & honestly I had everything crossed!

Long story short, thankfully I DID make it to Vegas (after one heck of a turbulent flight 😳)... And it's safe to say it was EPIC.

Mind. Blown.

The stuff that Kyle & Carson have planned for this place is nothing short of amazing.

Obviously I can't say too much, but let me tell you that everybody here that is currently a member is going to be part of something that is in my opinion totally game-changing.

And the reason I started this post out with the problems that had been occurring is because naturally they had affected my mojo a little, and that reflected on my business.

But let me tell you that my mojo has been well & truly refreshed.

(even though the problems don't seem to have ended as upon getting back from Vegas I was literally awoken to a call that my Dad had been hit by a car & that I needed to get him from hospital... Thankfully he's OK!)

For 2020 though, it's GAME-ON for me.

One thing I've learned over the years about business is that it's very easy to get complacent & that's one of the things I've struggled with the most. That also seemed to be a trend with almost everybody at the conference.

Passive income is real, and passive income is great, but when passive income starts coming in it's very easy to stop working & assume that it'll just keep coming in forever.

In short, it won't - you gotta keep pushing on...

It's just like anything. You could put in the work & build the strongest castle in the world, but unless it's maintained, it'll gradually fall to ruin.

So yeah, my primary goal of 2020 is to battle complacency - but I also have a few other goals which I'll share with you after these couple of pics.

After all it's probably the pics you want to see most, right?

The first one is a bunch of us (not everybody) at the Vegas sign. I've been to Vegas a million times but never actually got a photo by the sign... Glad I finally did.

I'll leave it to you guys to play guess the Super Affiliates 🙂

The second one is the pic I regretted not asking for at the first conference I went to... It's the photo of me with Kyle & Carson, and of course I'm really glad about this one

Unfortunately I didn't take many pics - something I only realized when I got home... But basically I was too busy either eating, having fun or chatting with everybody.

Kyle & Carson know how to take care of you, and that's part of the reason Wealthy Affiliate is so successful. It's built around you, me, all of US.

They are both in the trenches here everyday dealing first-hand with people (yes, you *really* are talking directly to Kyle/Carson) and one massive takeaway is they said that they never want that to change, because that's how they know so much about exactly what the members want.

And what's to come is certainly everything you could ever want from WA - and more.

So yeah, in Vegas it's safe to say we had a blast.

But now there are a couple of things I want to share with you. Firstly I'll share my plans for 2020, and then I'll share some tips that'll get you to Vegas so that you can hang out too.

My Plans For 2020

* Get An Office Away From Home
One of the great things about working online is that you can work your business from anywhere, and for the past few years that's exactly what I have been doing... So you might be thinking why the heck would you want to pay for an office & tie yourself to one spot?

Well there are a couple of reasons. The first 1 is simply because that's how I work best... We all have our different ways, and my way is at a desk... It just channels my focus.

The second reason though is that my plan is to go on a bit of a digital detox. I've discovered that it can sometimes be hard to "switch off", and so I'm leaving all devices at the office... If I want to work, I gotta go the office - but when I'm home, I'm home. I'm disconnected.

And that brings me onto my next point

* Limit My Time
This might sound kinda crazy, but I've found that by limiting my time I actually get WAY more done. If I'm just sitting here by my PC/laptop all day without any set time limit, it'll feel like I've got forever to do my tasks... So "there's no rush"... But if I'm working 8am to 4pm (just as an example), you can sure as heck bet that I'll get onto them right away and make sure they're done before I leave.

Honestly this is something I'd actually challenge you to do too & see if it makes a difference. It feels bad limiting the time on your business but it's crazy how much more productive you find you can be when your time is limited.

* Get To Work!
Not having a boss is great.... ish. I mean there's just so many distractions... It's so easy to just "do something else" right? Only to then realize that the hour in which you were going to work on your business has flown by & instead all you did was learn what noise squirrels make or how to break into a bank using nothing but a pack of Doritos from random videos on YouTube. So yeah, I'll be writing down task lists & making sure I'm physically ticking them off.

How YOU Can Get To Vegas

Honestly we were literally stood discussing this exact thing in Vegas. We were absolutely amazed that there weren't more people in Vegas. Hundreds even.

The reason being is that you all have the exact blueprint. The Affiliate Bootcamp. Every Super Affiliate has followed it & even though you may think there's some sort of secret that's been left out, there truly isn't. It's just a case of truly committing yourself to it.

But there's also something else very important that I noticed, and that was the integrity of all of the Super Affiliates in Vegas. Everybody there truly cares about genuinely helping people to either make money, or avoid scams. It's their true passion. The money they've made from their business has come secondary.

So with that in mind, whilst Vegas is cool - if you have an alternative niche that you are more passionate about then I would absolutely urge you to pursue that instead. You might be tempted to drop into the Bootcamp for the sake of Vegas or for the sake of assuming that's where the "big money" is at, but if that's your reasons for doing it then it may not work out.

My advice to any newbie would be to always roll with their truest passions first, because that passion will show through in your business & once you start passionately helping others, that's when the money will come. Plus it also makes the training MUCH easier because let's face it - it's way more fun to write about something you're passionate about than to write about something purely for the sake of trying to make money.

And I'll sign out with a quote that I think is probably quite fitting:

"The problem is not the problem. The problem is your attitude about the problem"

So let's all make a 2020 a great one from here onward!

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I'm a little late to the party lol...

Great insights and bits of wisdom, Dale! I'm actually going to trying implementing some of the approaches you mentioned (like limiting my time) to make sure I'm more productive with work.

Although with my upcoming language course in Rio, it's possible I won't have to try hard LOL. School in the morning, perhaps will go out to the beach, bike and all that often, so I will have that sense of urgency/limited time for work-related matters.

After all, my website earnings is what's funding my trip so gotta make sure to keep it going 😄

P.S. I like going to Cuba for vacation and have a massive digital detox. The internet is so bad there that there's no point in trying LOL. (Internet withdrawals are real 🙈)

Thanks for the comment Zarina. Yeah I just moved into the office at the weekend & limiting time feels weird, but I'm already getting more done... It can really be hard to shut off sometimes for sure.

And yep, definitely keep pushing forward with that website :)

I've never been to Cuba but I can relate from cruise ship WiFi lol, I could barely even load an iMessage. Feels good though to take a nice, real break :)

Haha I bet! Wishing you more success on your online journey, Dale! Thanks for sharing your insights with us :)

Wow, that is a great post. I would love to have a separate office - working from home I can take from 8am - 8pm to complete not much! (Must set a time-table as a minimum.)

Also, the recurring theme on WA is helping others - it would be amazing to help others to give up their job - it's definitely a dream of mine (both to give up my job and help others to do the same).

Thanks for the comment Jean, and yep for sure... Even just helping others to build a website who never thought it would be possible for them - it's all a great feeling :)

Couldn't agree more about not having a boss being great "ish", lol. I haven't yet learned how to break into a bank with a bag of Doritos but I am learning how to invest all the money I don't have, and won't have if I keep watching videos on how to invest it, LOL.

Hope you made it home okay and sorry to hear about your Dad. Hopefully things are getting better.

Wishing the best in 2020 my friend and already looking forward to next year.

Hahah, yep - if only it was as earn to earn money as it is to spend it 😅 Thanks a lot mate, wishing you all the best too :)

I make the same mistake as you Dale. The longer my day is, the longer I stretch out my work to fill the gaps. This year, my plan is to, instead of shorten my day, I'll try to add more stuff to do within the day.

Wish me luck.

Keep us updated man, and send pics of the office when you get it set up.

Yep, and also try adding in full days off. I found that really helped me too, so it's like you're working, full rest, then back it - rather just work work work (which makes it mundane).

And sure, you too let me know how it goes :)

Thanks for the comment.

Hi Dale
First of all - Congratulations on getting to Vegas! Glad you all had a good time and I know we are all looking forward to hearing what Kyle and Carson have planned.
Secondly - thanks for the inspiration. Reading the posts from all you guys that made it there has given me lots of motivation to try to get there next year.
Hope your problems all get resolved too - especially hope your Dad is ok.


Thanks so much Dave, wish you great success :)

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