The Effortless Way To Earn Affiliate Commissions

Last Update: February 02, 2021

As an affiliate, there are 2 main ways you can earn commissions...

The easy way

...or the hard way.

And surprisingly, even though there appears to be an obvious choice, many affiliates (especially new ones) actually end up doing things the hard way.

Now, here's the deal...

The reality is the generating commissions as an affiliate when done correctly, is pretty darn easy.

And the good news is that it requires NO skills whatsoever.

You see, as an affiliate, you only have one tiny (and very easy) job that you need to do.

And that job is to get in between the purchases that people are already making.

You don't need to sell...

You don't need to tell...

You just need to connect people with the products that they're already looking for.

The products that they're ALREADY about to buy.

And by doing this, you can walk away with a percentage of the sale.

But despite this, I see many affiliates making a pretty common mistake. Instead of focusing on simply putting themselves "in-between" a purchase, they find themselves spending time creating content that requires them to have to "convince" the reader to make a purchase.

Example: Somebody arrives at your website and lands on a review that you've written about a bicycle. You then try to tell them that there is a better bicycle available & encourage them to purchase that one instead.

And it may be true, there may be a better bicycle available... But as an affiliate, it is typically not your job to tell the BUYER what to buy. It is simply your job to provide the information so that the buyer themselves can make the decision. What you *believe* is better, may not be better for the person buying. They may have their reasons for buying the initial product.

So, if you want to make effortless commissions as an affiliate, you should make sure that you are focusing on "connecting" people with products, and not convincing them.

Because the reality is that there is SO much opportunity to "connect" people with products or services. You should never, ever, have to find yourself selling or telling.

And by falling into that trap, you are just going to make life much harder for yourself.

I mean sure, you can definitely make commissions by "selling" to people...

But why sell, if you don't need to?

Instead, just focus on finding keywords that have a purchase-intent & then provide the reader with all of the information that they may want to see before making a purchase.

THEN... Provide them with a purchase link.

Easy peasy.

Example: Somebody arrives at your website and lands on the same bicycle review but this time, instead of recommending a different one you simply state "it's not the best bicycle for your money, but if you're just a city-rider then you certainly won't find yourself disappointed".

This time, instead of trying to convince somebody that X or Z is better, you've simply provided them with helpful information about the product they were ALREADY thinking about buying.

And let me tell you, it's much easier to generate a sale from a product a user is already buying than to recommend an alternative and restart the entire purchase lifecycle all over again.

So don't make life harder for yourself than it needs to be.

Keep affiliate marketing simple...

And go generate those effortless commissions.

Because trust me, there are plenty of them to go around. 💪

P.S. If you've got a story (or stories) about the easiest commissions you've ever made, please do leave them in the comments below... I'd love to hear them.

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DCaribbeanQ Premium
Dale this is some great information. I think this is a skill we all need to master.

It will take time I am sure but with practice it will eventually happen.

Candy Benn
Jim-Bo Premium
I like recurring commissions. because with each and every time the same person buys for another month, that's like making the initial job of getting the sale a little easier than it was orginally. Like diluting the difficulty factor just a little bit more each month. Then stack those recurring commissions on top of each other and you can earn a fortune.
28Peaches Premium
Hello Dale,
I am a newbie in WA, this is just my first month here.
I am still creating contents and before i made my first i was struggling and didn't know how to begin with it.

I am blessed to bump into your blog today. I never doubted that this business has a great potential and you gave me huge insight on how to make this business grow successfully.

May you be more blessed with success so that you can be more generous in sharing the secrets :)

All the best for you!

Best regards,
Dale123 Premium Plus
Thanks so much Lalaine :)
Suzay Premium Plus
I like that you only have 24 post's. That's why I pay attention to when I get to read, and chew on one.
You must be working on a bigger project somewhere, but I'm glad to get a word and a postcard from you.

Thank you Dale, that was truly stellar information, and I appreciate you.
Dale123 Premium Plus
Always working on big projects Suzay - keeps me motivated. Thanks for your comment, I'm glad you enjoyed the article :)
FKelso Premium Plus
Good info -- and I shall have a chance to try it on my next post. It is going to be an online Valentine's Day bazaar, so will adopt your suggestion and share info without trying to sell. As my literate cat writes my bazaar posts, that should be easy.
Dale123 Premium Plus
For sure, Fran - thanks for commenting! :)