The 4 Magic Words For Success - Try It, Find Out.

Last Update: January 26, 2020

When I first started out with this whole "online thing" I wasn't lucky enough to have had Wealthy Affiliate at my disposal. Instead, I had to figure everything out by myself...

Of course that meant it took me a LOT longer to work it all out & start earning than it would have done if I'd have just been able to follow a step-by-step course like that here at WA.

Wealthy Affiliate has truly simplified the process & made it EASY for anybody who's willing to put the effort in to learn how to effectively build a thriving online business.

It's a blessing for sure - but for some, I've realized it can also be a curse.

The reason I say that is because when you have step-by-step training to follow, it can certainly make life easier, but it can also make it seem scary to venture off-track.

You don't want to do something "wrong"...

And as a result of that fear of doing something wrong, I often see lots of questions here at WA from people asking the best way to go about things.

Some examples would be things like;

* Where's the best place to put links in a post?
* What's the best colour for an email opt-in form?
* Should I add product prices to my posts or not?

And honestly, in my opinion the best answer to these types of questions is "try it, find out".

You see there's nothing wrong with those questions - they're all perfectly genuine questions... But every website is different, and what works for one may not necessarily work as well for another.

So in my opinion when you come across something like that which you find yourself questioning, my advice would be to try it & find out. If it doesn't work as you'd hoped, try something different & see if that works better.

Not sure where the best place to put links in your post is? Try the top... Check your conversions after a week, how's it looking? Not good? Try the bottom. Play around!

That's how you'll truly succeed at the marketing game, by trying things.

You don't have to get everything right the first time around - it's not the end of the world if something you try doesn't work as hoped, it's just a lesson learned.

And the lessons of "what doesn't work" can be the most important lessons to learn.

So this is just a short post really to encourage you to step out your comfort zones a little & play around with things.

Don't be scared of getting things "wrong" & don't be fooled into thinking that everything has to be "right" :)

As Edison said, "I didn't fail 1,000 times. The light bulb was an invention with 1,000 steps".

Have you done any of your own testing yet? If not, maybe now's the time to start.

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MattLin Premium
Hi Dale,

Thanks for sharing! I think I also have the problem that want to do things right for the very first time, so I feel stressful for my online business. Then, I came to your article.

What a relief... I must say!

Anyway, keeping doing experiments(A/B test) on my website is the key to calm me down. :-)

michA3LMj Premium
Yeah, try out and keep a journal. We need to be experimental. Most of the time, we are blocked by our own fear, fear of mistakes. But no one is going to scold us if we make mistakes. Then the other fear is lost of money, anything that needs an investment of capital, we question a lot. Successful entrepreneurs just take action.
Dale123 Premium
Exactly Michael! :)
Jules73 Premium
Great post and lots to take away from this Dale. You are spot on, sometimes we just need to try different strategies to see what works.

I have kept the same theme from when I first found it, i have changed the layout numerous times before I found something that looked right!

Trial and error is the best form of learning in my book 😉 tks Jules
Dale123 Premium
Exactly Julieanne, thanks for your comment :)
Ross57 Premium
Amazing post Dale, i have done similar learning and stumbling on my own which does make you street wise.

WA has great training and i am learning a lot on here, some is just a refresher of what i know, some is a new way to do it and a lot of new things as well.

As they say it is not set in concrete, try it, change it and see what works.

Thank you for sharing and have a great day

Dale123 Premium
Thanks Ross! :)
ELangley1 Premium
Thanks Dale. Good advice, and good to hear from you.
Dale123 Premium
Thanks for the comment Earl :)