Oh Cool. I Made Vegas :)

Last Update: March 01, 2021

This isn't really going to be a super-long blog post, but I just logged into WA this morning & noticed that I'd qualified for the Las Vegas Super Affiliate Conference.

It feels like a nice way to start the month & it's made me happy, so figured I'd share it here :)

The truth is that I was actually hoping to have made it sooner, but I had to take some time away from my affiliate marketing/"MMO" related niche sites & focus on my other sites instead.

Anyway, I'm still pleased all the same - and making it sooner can be the goal for next year.

Now for the big question that I know people will be wondering...

How did I do it?

Well, truth be told, there isn't really any secret to making Vegas.

The Affiliate Bootcamp training here inside of WA outlines the exact process for making it happen... And that's the exact same process that I utilize myself.

You see, it's easy to waste time trying to find "secrets" or "tricks"... But there aren't any.

And the time you spend looking for those could have been time spent working on growing your business.

In fact, at the last Vegas conference, I & a couple of other guys had a conversation in which we talked about how we were surprised there weren't LOTS more people there, given that everybody has access to the exact same blueprint.

But here's the reality. Everybody can own a blueprint, but only a few will take action on it.

So if you want to make Vegas, it's definitely possible - you just need to take action.

But at the same time, don't feel forced into going down the route of getting involved in creating an affiliate marketing related site just because you want to make Vegas.

Sure, Vegas is a blast & it's nice to hang out with other people from WA but you should definitely pursue a niche website around your passions & find success with that first.

Otherwise, you'll just suffer from burnout. You see, it's important to enjoy what you're doing & be passionate about it. That's the best (and easiest) way to build a successful business.

Heck... If I started by just "trying to make money" I'd have probably thrown the towel in myself a long time ago, LOL! But because I built a site around something I was passionate about, I was having fun working on it... And then before I knew it, the commissions started coming in.

That's the way to do it.

Do something you love, and you'll never work a day in your life.

I mean - what could be better than getting paid, to simply talk about your passions?

Not a lot, in my opinion.

So... What will I do now, from here?

Well - I thought about gunning for the next challenge, the 3,000 sales... But affiliate marketing is actually my secondary niche & my other businesses need some attention, so I'll be shifting my focus onto those for a while now that I've completed this little challenge. I'll have to take at least a month out to work on those, so I'll see where I'm at after that.

But I may go for it, we'll see. 🙂

I guess it depends if the nightclubs open back up or not, as well, LOL. Apparently, it's pretty amazing what I can do when those clubs are closed. 😂

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Helen123 Premium
Thanks for this, Ive taken a back seat with MMO website right now, I have two other websites that have taken my time, in particular one selling my own products. I was finding that the MMO website was depressing me as I wasn't getting anywhere. Now that I have my product website up and running, Im going to start sharing out my time a bit more. But Im under no illusion that Im not good at that niche. I got startups signing up but only if I paid for adwords. I cant afford to do that. I accept that I am probably not doing everything I can but its trying to identify where I am lacking. I am really pleased you shared your success though!
Dale123 Premium Plus
If your business is depressing you because "you're not getting anywhere", you're not doing it because you're passionate it and that's a big problem. As outlined in my post, you should definitely focus on a passion. Thanks for your comment! :)
Helen123 Premium
I agree. MMO doesn't set my boat alight, my product website does, as does my affiliate website.
Roybretton Premium Plus
Good morning Dale,

Thank you for another excellent and inspiring blog post, it's always so good to hear success stories. I'm always amazed at how quickly you became successful and I know that you have a very simple answer to that!

I find it interesting regarding your conversation in Las Vegas about more people should be successful at Wealthy Affiliate and making more money. It's great that you have just simply followed the training and have taken action, which has made you successful.

I have been self-employed since 1983, in my experience, most people are talkers rather than doers! I can remember when I was a teenager and in my early 20s, people almost complaining about how I could afford a 4x4. I had a simple answer then, I didn't have a wife and I took action! Unless we take action, nothing will happen, but if we take action, things will happen!

Once again, thank you for a very inspiring and motivating blog post.


PS: Congratulations on making it to Las Vegas again.
Dale123 Premium Plus
Thanks so much for sharing your story Roy (and thank you for your comment). You're 100% right :)
Roybretton Premium Plus
It's a pleasure Dale, have a great Sunday.

Suzay Premium Plus
Yes Dale,
Vegas is pretty closed down, it's about 100 miles from where I live, and my landlords live there. Any kind of Staycation in the world, in the nation and Vegas suffers.
But it is great that you are doing well.

Congrats and thank you for highlighting the following text for us:

" The Affiliate Bootcamp training here inside of WA outlines the exact process." &,"That everybody has access to the exact same blueprint...But here's the reality. Everybody can own a blueprint, but only a few will take action on it."
Bookmarking it again, my friend! Thank you,
Dale123 Premium Plus
Cheers Suzay! :)
heavensaroma Premium
This is great Dale!

I keep the same mindset as you say. I have my niche site that I am focusing solely on for now. Once that is up and running the way I want and happy with, then I will move on to maybe promoting a MMO/WA site.

I will not try to do both as I want to be successful with my main one first.

Thanks for this post! I am sure there are members out there wondering this exact thing.

You have explained it perfectly for a newbie to understand how NOT to fill their plate with too much.

Congratulations on making Vegas! I myself have never been, one day though, one day : )

Dale123 Premium Plus
Sounds great Angela, thanks so much! :)
StPaul Premium
Wow! Amazed and as you mentioned, for your standards and hard work this is a little challenge (for me making one sales itself means EVEREST). Hats Off to you! Love and respect for you!

Thanks for the inspiration and motivation. You are one of the legends who inspire me always.
Dale123 Premium Plus
Just limitless beliefs Paul, you can do it! Cheers :)
StPaul Premium
Thanks a lot sir for me 299 to go.