I Gave 3 People Commissions Today. Will You Be The Next To Get One?

Last Update: July 29, 2020

I bought 5 different products online this morning - all completely unrelated & before I purchased them I decided to do a little research.

For 3 of them I searched for reviews, for one of them I searched for a "best" list & for the final one I searched a question.

To my surprise, literally 3 out of the 5 websites that I decided to click on turned out to be websites that had been built by members of Wealthy Affiliate.

I was able to tell that because the "About" page of each website made mention to WA.

One of the websites literally only had around 10 posts on it, yet still came up top in the search for the keywords that I was searching (which really highlights the power of targeting low-competition phrases).

Now, the long story short is that after visiting the websites, I ended up making a purchase - and naturally I went via the affiliate links (after all, we're all in this together).

So that means 3 different Wealthy Affiliate members earned money today... Just from me!

But it also serves as solid proof that the training here simply flat-out works.

You see, I often come across a lot of members asking questions like "why would people buy through my links, why wouldn't they just buy from Amazon (or wherever) directly?"...

And the reason is because, just like me this morning, they want more information.

They want an opinion - a gentle nudge to actually go ahead with the purchase.

So if you ever find yourself wondering if people will really find your content & make a purchase via your links, just know that providing you're following the training, it WILL happen.

It's only a matter of time.

And if you haven't made a commission yet, tomorrow could be the day.

You might find yourself faced with a pleasant surprise, just like all of these other members:

So keep on pushing forward. Your first (or next) commission may be closer than you think.

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JaneMahlehle Premium
This is so kind of you Dale. It bolsters the WA community spirit. I’m in awe🤩. I know well how it feels to get that first commission, no matter how small.

Therefore I will not have a problem to extend that by helping a fellow member.
Kudos, you’ve just inspired me.
Dale123 Premium Plus
That's awesome, thanks for your comment Jane! :)
JKulk1 Premium
Hi Dale.
I know that someone started a blog thread on WA some time back centred around members helping each other with the three sales that Amazon requires.

Unfortunately a number of people complained that this was against Amazon rules. And the thread disappeared.

I personally have no issues helping others.

All the best. Jim
Dale123 Premium Plus
Oh yes, I certainly wouldn't recommend doing anything like that. Exchanging clicks/sales has always been a big no-no, but providing you found the website(s) naturally there's absolutely nothing wrong with making a purchase via their links.
JossLandry Premium
What a day brightener this is. I'm just now building my website, ale, but I'll be sure to send you there once it's ready. Better yet, I'll get you there with my choice of keywords.

What a great thing you did for these three people. We should all do this. Cheers!
Dale123 Premium Plus
Thanks Joss! :)
jghwebbrand Premium
Thanks for reminder!

Recently I have noticed that Amazon keeps trying to ranking in various ways! I have clicked some of those links out of curiosity.

BUT, like you said, they still do not offer the same approach that WAers do when they write reviews or the 'Best Of".

Curious, did you see anything special in the format or progression of thought in the website you purchased your product from?
Dale123 Premium Plus
Honestly, all 3 of the websites were super simple - exactly as Kyle teaches here in the training.
lucbizz Premium
Hi Dale,
That was really nice of you to do. If I want to buy something I look too for WA members in my network ,but sadly not all have their website in their profile. And asking for it is ,I think against rules here, as we might get flooded with offers from others.
Dale123 Premium Plus
That's a good idea Luc - but yes, swapping links etc is not a good way to do it... But if you're searching anyway & happen to come across one, there's ho harm in using a link :)