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Last Update: July 06, 2020

Running into problems with your websites can be frustrating, I get it.

I've been doing this years & years & years & guess what?

Almost every day I run into some sort of new problem.

And if you're not facing problems, well, you're probably not growing, or trying something new.

But the important thing is how you deal with your problems.

Because the truth is, most problems are VERY easy & fast to overcome, if dealt with correctly.

So what's the correct way to deal with a problem?

Well, the first thing you need to do is figure out exactly what your problem is.

I know, it sounds simple, but funnily enough it's often very much overlooked.

For example, let's say you're struggling to integrate Google Analytics. That is not your problem.

If you came to me and said "I'm struggling to integrate Google Analytics", guess what my next questions are going to be?

"What's the problem?"

"What EXACT part of the process are you struggling with, and why are you struggling?"

Because there could be a million & one reasons why you are struggling to integrate Google Analytics... And the day I decided to play the lottery was the day I realized I wasn't very good at being physic.

So the first important step in dealing with a problem correctly & efficiently is to determine what EXACTLY your problem actually is.

Which brings me onto my next point.

Help us, to help you.

Here at Wealthy Affiliate you have access to one of the most efficient websites & marketing problem-solving resources in the whole world.

The community!

Being made up of over 800,000+ people, Wealthy Affiliate boasts the largest internet marketing community in the world & the average time to get an answer is a mere 1.8 minutes.

Yes, you read that right.

1.8 minutes is the average response time inside of this community.

So if you figure out your exact problem & ask the community for help, you could literally have it solved within a mere 1.8 minutes & then continue on with the rest of the day.

Easy, right?

Therefore the 2 steps for fast, efficient problem-solving are as follows:

  1. Figure out your EXACT problem
  2. Ask out help, outlining the EXACT details of your problem

So what's the issue?

The issue, is that even though the problem-solving process is so easy, I still see so many people consistently asking new questions every day that are extremely unspecific.

And ultimately, all that does is make your life harder.

It makes your problem more frustrating.

And it makes for an unnecessary "back and forth" between the people that are trying to help you, which means it takes more time out of their day than necessary, too.

So the takeaway from this post really is that here at Wealthy Affiliate there are SO many people eager to help, but please, please, make our lives easier too & help us to help you.

Be detailed, be specific, and get your problems solved FAST (without the frustration!)

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Karin13 Premium
Great article. I myself am guilty of asking unspecific questions. Oftentimes, the amazing community is still able to help me, but like you said, that back and forth thing can take time.

Sometimes it is hard to be specific with a question, however, because we may not understand what our problem is, we just know that whatever we are doing is not working.

Thank you for the post. It will make me think a bit more about how I ask questions.

With 2020 Vision,
Karin 😎
Dale123 Premium Plus
As long as you're as descriptive enough as to exactly what's not working, that's good enough! :) Thanks for the comment.
Karin13 Premium
You're welcome!

With 2020 Vision,
Karin 😎
roysinOnline Premium
You have very good points and it is on the spot. Be exact in what your asking. As Jacquie8 says it will also help the ones askig to write better.

I am myself guilty of not being exact everytime I ask question and I need to become better on this than I have been.

Dale123 Premium Plus
Thanks for commenting Roy :)
roysinOnline Premium
My pleasure Dale :)
Patbracy Premium
Thank you. This is truly encouraging and a great reminder of what we have at WA
Dale123 Premium Plus
That's great to hear Patricia, thansk for the comment :)
DianeK59 Premium Plus
Good points, thanks for sharing!
Dale123 Premium Plus
Cheers Diane :)
Aparna155 Premium
Help us to Help u !
Minimilistic. Beautiful.
Dale123 Premium Plus
Thanks Aparna :)