Be Sure To Accept Your Commissions (Don't Lose Them!)

Last Update: May 07, 2021

You are here at Wealthy Affiliate because you want to earn commissions, right?

And you're working hard on the training to begin generating them...

So why, when the commissions arrive, would you reject them?

The answer is, you wouldn't... (I hope).

But sadly rejecting commissions is a mistake that I see many newcomers making.

They put in all of the hard work & then when the commissions begin to arrive, they reject them... And continue to reject them, without even knowing that they're doing it.

You see, when you add content to your website, search engines discover it & they list it within their search results, which gives you the opportunity to begin getting visitors.

And that's a pretty powerful thing.

That means the search engines literally have the power to provide you with unlimited amounts of revenue. They can send you as many visitors as you desire, all for free.

So ask yourself this...

If your website is relatively new, then WHY should the search engines do that?

WHY should they send you all of those customers, to help you make all of that money?

Are you going to help them in return by regularly providing them more helpful content?

Or are you just going to shut down your website & disappear?

You see, the trick to achieving MASSIVE success is simply proving to the search engines that you're in it for the long-haul & that you're actually going to help them, if they help you.

But sadly, all too often I see people coming to Wealthy Affiliate, creating a website, pumping out content & then disappearing just as the search engines were about to return the favour.

They think that "it's not working" but by the point the search engine starts sending them visitors, their website is now offline - meaning they're rejecting all those potential customers.

More importantly, they're rejecting all of those potential commissions.

They worked SO hard for it & they disappeared without taking their rewards.

Thankfully, one of my referrals didn't:

Instead, he took my advice to as an absolute minimum keep his website online.

And shortly after, as you can see - his first commission came through, and then his second!

How amazing is that?

I mean I totally get it. Sometimes financial hardships happen & it can feel like the "easy option" to cancel your membership... But I urge you to find an alternative.

As an absolute minimum, do whatever you can to keep your website online.

Don't reject your commissions!

And on that note, with the Yearly Membership Deal currently being active there has never been a better time to take advantage of it & make sure that your website(s) stay online for the full year ahead, without having to make any additional payments whatsoever once you've secured it.

One payment, job done for an entire year... With the benefit of massive savings.

AND the benefit of proving to the search engines that you're in it for the long-haul so that they'll begin to rank your content & so that you can begin to earn those commissions.

So make the decision. Accept those commissions.

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Jill123 Premium
I am now understanding that it is too late to add imagery to my post after it is published. Is that correct? And if so what do I do? I find it a little confusing. And is this post now online? Wow!! Can I edit it while it is on line? I really thought that since it is still admin it was not actually being viewed online.
Romney2 Premium
Jill there is always a possibility when you log in under website mNager got to the ebsite and log in after that see edit press it Nd insert image in the post the image gives an option to upload from you post gallery or from outside you post
Hope that helped
LDSewell Premium
That is a funny thing about people - and it is not unique to MMO and affiliate marketing related pursuits either.

Trucking has the same issue - new drivers spend thousands of dollars to get their CDL's then weeks and months of time getting additional on the road training and experience - then they quit!

Usually right about the time that all that work was about to begin to pay off with an opportunity to make a consistent paycheck of $1500 plus per week and an opportunity to earn more in other ways - such as referring and mentoring other new drivers.

But right about the time, they were just getting to that point - they bailout, and just quit.

Real estate is another industry that suffers the same thing repeatedly. New real estate agents graduate the principles of real estate class, take and pass their state licensure exam and excitedly start their new real estate sales careers each month - and the numbers are in the multiples of thousands. Every month year after year - new agents graduate and get a license all across the country (and around the world!). Yet many will never list or sell a single home... many more will only sell one or two in their entire time holding a license!

The root cause of the problem?

Failure to stay with it, failure to keep learning, and failure to keep making slow but steady progress over time, or as you say;

"As an absolute minimum, do whatever you can to keep your website online."

I think that concept applies to all kinds of different businesses - keep the business alive, and keep working consistently little by little day after day to keep learning, keep improving, and making progress...

Best regards,

L.D. Sewell
BobMargroff Premium Plus
Hi Dale,

Interesting way to come around letting us know how to keep our commissions. I was thinking this was about someone actually forgetting to set their payment options.

So, I was intrigued. Great post. I plan to be here for the long haul... no matter what, I will figure out how to stay. Eventually, my sites will see some traction.

I wish you well,

Dale123 Premium Plus
Haha, yeah I figured I’d hit it from that angle to keep people intrigued :)

Thanks for the comment.
BobMargroff Premium Plus
It worked... LOL!
Roybretton Premium Plus
Good morning Dale,

I hope you're doing well and business is good.

Thank you for a great article. I believe that there are many people who really work hard on their website and give up just before the breakthrough comes. I think the most difficult part of having a web business is the fact that you have to keep writing content without seeing results. However, if we keep going, the breakthrough will come!

Wishing you all the best.

Dale123 Premium Plus
For sure Roy, there are many people who give up just before the results. It can be hard, but the results are worth it :)

Thanks for the comment :)
Johan04 Premium
Thanks Dale for the as usual great post.

Once again you made us realize the value of staying in the game for a long haul, and guess what, I took the advantage of the Black Friday Sale. Now that will motivate me to stay focused for a long period.

Thanks again for your constant motivation and inspiration.

Have a Good Day :)
Dale123 Premium Plus
That's awesome, great move & thanks so much for the comment. Hope you have an excellent day too :)