Anything Can Happen!

Last Update: December 04, 2017

Today I just thought I'd put a quick blog post together talking about one of the main factors that gets me most excited about this whole online business "thing"...

And that factor is that when it comes to online business, ANYTHING can happen!

I can say that from my experience many moons ago when I started out with my very first niche...

I built a website from the ground up & I worked hard publishing content daily. At first nothing really seemed to happen, in fact I was actually almost thinking about giving up.

I seemed to be doing everything but there was still no real traffic coming through to my site.


One morning I woke up and my inbox was FLOODED with commission notifications.

I couldn't believe it... well, at first I didn't believe it.

I jumped out of bed in a rush to get the computer on to see what was actually happening, and to make sure it wasn't some kind of glitch or something...

Turned out that it wasn't - overnight my search engine ranks had all gone up.

All that work I'd been putting in had finally paid off!

I went from earning pretty much nothing, to earning money I didn't even think was even possible to earn! I'm talking close to £1,000 per day (sometimes even over that).

And of course I'm not saying that to boast, I'm saying that to highlight what's actually possible - because as I say at the time I had no idea that I could ever achieve that.

So the moral of this post is to say that if you are putting in work on your site & you are not yet seeing anything happening, DON'T GIVE UP...

Providing you stick at it, it will definitely happen at some point

As I say, anything can happen...

  • One day you could find all your search rankings went up...
  • One day you could find a big website shared your posts...
  • One day you could find out a post you had written has gone viral on social media...

If you really want success, keep up the work & you will find it for sure.

And for those who are wondering - do I still have this particular niche site?

The answer is no, I don't. The reason for that is because the niche was built off the back of a trend, so the trend died & as a result so did the traffic to my site LOL...

But I can't complain, the going was good for a couple of years & I was able to apply the knowledge I had learned to other niches.

So if you don't see anything happen right now, don't get disheartened....

Just keep doing your thing & know that at some point everything will fall into place :)

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Gregory8 Premium
I enjoyed that blog Dale. That is neat to know anything could happen. I am still learning all about this technology stuff as there are times i can not even run my toaster. Well maybe not that bad but the coffee can be rough. You take care Dale!
Dale123 Premium Plus
Yep it's definitely something that makes the whole process a lot more exciting :) And don't worry, the toaster always gets me too!! Can never get the bread done just how I want it LOL. Thanks for the comment.
NBillion Premium
Just what i was looking for today. Your post was very inspiring for me to carry on. Thank you :)
Dale123 Premium Plus
Glad to hear it! Keep it up for sure - hard work pays off :)
That’s great! Would you mind sharing what kind of sites you started with?
Gracey84 Premium
I hope I can be as successful as you.
Song1 Premium
Dale very encouraging for me!