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Last Update: June 18, 2018

This is the start of my second month at WA. Sometimes I get stuck on a lesson. I found out, it is OK to keep going and come back later. When I come back after getting help things look different and I see the way through. This realization really helps me because getting stuck feels horrible all by itself. So I can go ask for help and while I am waiting I can read what other people are doing in their blogs, search for answers on my own or even just read ahead and see what is coming next. Sometimes the lesson is overwhelming, but if I take a break when I come back later I am amazed when I get it. When I was afraid to back up my site, I was not going to do it, so I went on with the lesson. Later, when I saw the download link I had the courage to just do it. My website is starting to look better. Excited to find out what comes next. There were lots of people that helped me keep going this week.

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marmar463 Premium
Sometimes we have to take a step and refresh ourselves and when we do come back things do look different and that is a good thing. And it is alright because we know that we can get help from right here within the community which is great. Just ask a lot of questions and if I can be of any help let me know I would be glad to help you out. I hope this helps you out
AlexEvans Premium
Hi Daisy, we can all get stuck, stepping back can work wonders, you are going well.
JeannineC Premium
Everyone gets stuck once in a while. The best thing is that here at WA you will never be alone when you get stuck, so you can therefore get through anything!
LeeMcQuay Premium
Never give up. You might have just needed one more day to have been successful.
MKearns Premium
Yes, Daisy. Keep on.Every day is new!