Holding Hands

Last Update: May 31, 2018

Although my week has been extra busy with my life, I have found time every day to spend on my lessons here at Wealthy Affiliate. Lesson one is all checked off and I am slowly working on Lesson 2. I learned that I need to go back and not put so many links in my review. It was a lot of fun to find the keywords so I went wild. Learning to edit my blogs and posts as much as possible before publishing will be a life saver, as it is somewhat more challenging later. There is an exciting bullet thing (my favorite word when I have not learned the correct one yet), that will be mastered soon. I have plans for 9 posts and 9 more to go along with the first nine, so I will really be learning to speak this week. My intention is to get it out there the best way I can and perfect it later. This is a whole new world for a kid like me to explore. Isn't it great that one push of the button helps correct so many mistakes? There are members that are holding my hand, for whom I am very grateful and many more to join me along the way.

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marmar463 Premium
Welcome to WA and follow your lessons step by step and you will be fine. Take notes on the videos so you have something to refer back to. Best wishes on your journey with WA.
AlexEvans Premium
A good way to go, get it out there and perfect as we go. Looks like you are making good progress.
dbriley Premium
Good luck and sound like you are doing a wonderful job.