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So, I was poking around in Word Press, and I ended up some where else, and found some info on what to do when you get stuck on what to write about. Then I read Harvey's post on the same topic. I sent the link to him after I took some time finding it by going to search history. Then I realized I would like to save that for me, for when I need ideas on what to write about. Problem: where do I save this? The only answer I had was to send myself an email message with the link, and then put it
June 18, 2018
This is the start of my second month at WA. Sometimes I get stuck on a lesson. I found out, it is OK to keep going and come back later. When I come back after getting help things look different and I see the way through. This realization really helps me because getting stuck feels horrible all by itself. So I can go ask for help and while I am waiting I can read what other people are doing in their blogs, search for answers on my own or even just read ahead and see what is coming next. Som
This third week at Wealthy Affiliate has been somewhat of a challenge. There were some obstacles that seemed like I would never get over. With a lot of help from other members I was able to get through the problems. A few days ago, I remembered a time when I was asked to picture a day in my perfect life. Other than getting outside early in the morning and having berries for breakfast, I saw my self taking time every morning to write about my passion. It is amazing to realize that I am actua
May 31, 2018
Although my week has been extra busy with my life, I have found time every day to spend on my lessons here at Wealthy Affiliate. Lesson one is all checked off and I am slowly working on Lesson 2. I learned that I need to go back and not put so many links in my review. It was a lot of fun to find the keywords so I went wild. Learning to edit my blogs and posts as much as possible before publishing will be a life saver, as it is somewhat more challenging later. There is an exciting bullet th
So, Today I am at the end of week one. At this moment working on the menu. What is helping me is going to the WA web site and seeing how they set up their site. It seems somehow I missed not looking at the details of the themes. The Affiliate Bootcamp does not really work with a Hotel site : ) It is nice to be able to ask a question when one gets into trouble.The social media part is somewhat overwhelming to me as I do not do Facebook or any social media for that matter. I guess I am not r