asked for help within wa but answered with motivation

Last Update: January 09, 2019

One beautiful lady asked for help within WA and i wanted to answer the question but pretty fast i couldn't help to answer the question with a motivation-speech. I was hoping that she wouldn't get angry and she didn't became angry, thank god.

I was very suprised about what i had written, so i wanted to share it with my WA-Family.

Let me know what u think about the speech:

It sounds like a professional letter. But now i am going to tell u something u maybe not want to hear:

I understand u feel stupid, many of us have done stupid shit like that. I have lost €6800 to trading-scammers.

I knew this could happen and i tried to get my money back but after 6 months i gave up.

I understood scammers are going to make it hard on u and give u nothing but headache. i accepted the situation and saw it as a something to learn from and now work my ass of to make the money back by doing something else like online marketing.

I know this is probably something u don't want to hear right now but that is the truth. Leave this alone and now use your energy of anger and use that to work 10 times as hard on your business.

Don't use your energy of anger to be sad, that's going to make everything worse. I know u can be strong and defeat them with hard work

This quote helped


I hope this can help u to be stronger than ever. Because Strength does not come from winning. Your struggles develop your strengths. When u go hardship and decide not to surrender, that is strength.

If u are angry with me right now, i can understand and i am sorry. I hope u can forgive me, i didn't say it to hurt u but to help u.

I got much love for you, even though i don't know u.

I have learned to see problems as a gift.
Because without problems we wouldn't have a reason to become stronger.

Again sorry and much Love ,


Do, let me know what u think about this speech.

Much Love for the Wealthy Afiliatte family,


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JackieSmith Premium
Hi Dahyay,
You're keeping it real.

I would see it as an encouragement - I'd love to hear this bit of advise if I'd lost money to scammers.

Need to focus our energy on something positive otherwise the negative vibes can affect us mentally.

Unfortunately, there's no way we're going to get our money back from these scammers.

I wish this lovely lady all the best.
Dahay Premium
she still doesn't want to give up fighting to get her money back
JackieSmith Premium
Well .... let's hope it's not wasted energy.