all in one wp migration trick doesn't work, unless.

Last Update: November 28, 2018

hi the all in one wp migration trick doesn't work anymore by downloading the plugin from wordpress and editing at the plugin editor. I have tried many times !!

U have to take way more (complicated) steps to do that.

Are there people interested to know how ?

Let me know if u have problems migrating as wel, so i can make a training.

Your wa friend,


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jetrbby80316 Premium
Hi Dahay,

Many people have followed my simple training step-by-step and it has worked for them, and it certainly has worked for ME as recently as late Oct. (otherwise I never would have wrote the training).

So I know it has worked. And it works. Period.

That said, it is possible that All in One Migration may have "caught on" since late Oct. and placed some blocks to Plugin Editor.

If you have found additional workarounds, please share it with the community:)

Dahay Premium
Like u said... if everyone can do it your way, why make another training ?!

I would be happy to know if there is something i didn't do correct.
So could u please look at my situation, and help me find out what it is that makes it impossible to do it your way ?


Dahay Premium
hai Kaju,

Did u know that WA has a option in siterubix to move websites ?
Dahay Premium
I have discovered the solution by accident...