2019: A New African Boy making a fulltime income trading Forex, interested ?!

Last Update: January 16, 2019

Hi, My name is Dahay, 33 years old and i have a simple dream just like everyone else:

Making Lot's of money fast and easy

My Story

2015 was the year that i sayed: I am going to take steps to make lots of money

Next step: Taking all my savings out of the bank. I had to do it without the knowledge of my parents because if they find out they are going to go crazy !!

My savings were €16:000,-
This is something my parents were planning to use to buy a home in Africa for me so i could benefit money from rent.

Taking Action

Next step was doing research about how to make money fast ?!
This question brought me to Trading.

I did dome research about people who made it and there were a lot of people i found who hadn't any money to start with and stil made it so i started to believe it is possible to make money.

Then i continued my research where i can find a teacher for free.
2weeks later i had a phone-conversation with a dutch guy who was living in Greece saying: I can teach for free but u need to put $10k into a account on a trading platform i am going to teach you.

Just before i went to working with him i found another website who would help me trade and i had to put $4k into their trading platform.

On 1 platform i had put in $4k and with the Dutch guy i only sayed i had $5k and he accepted it. To make this long story short:


The only thing i was thinking about was: "I want to Die !!" And
"My parents are going to kill Me !!"

After these 2 days, i gave myself a motivational talk and sayed to myself:
U are still alive and the only thing i can do now is learn from this and continue my adventure to look for other ways to make money.


So this time i was doing research for new ways to make money
And this time i new the best way to make money is selling stuff online and getting paid for it.

This brought me to a website where u are right now.

The first week i tried for free and have found a warm family within Wealthy Affiliate.
Everybody was very warm and welcoming.

They are all likeminded people with the same pation and dream.
This is the ideal job for me because i have EPILEPSY, so i can work at home from my computer.

If u have question, u can find me in this community.
My name is Dahay and i am here to help to answer your questions.

Hope to meet u on my way to a successful financial abundant Life.

Much Love,


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smartm2018 Premium
Sorry you lost all all your capital. Yes, trading there is a very high risk .Ii have not traded in forex but ETF's in option trading. Very high risk investment.

Glad you picked up yourself and never looked back.

The investment here at WA is not much but the return is unlimited if you don't give up.

Keep on pressing until your dreams come true.

Dahay Premium
Thank u Smart,

Actually i didn't give up and i still trade daily, only this time on a demo-account.

I invested so much in trading that i know a whole lot right now.

I believe hard work pays off in the long run.

Trading as wel. I am someone who never gives up !!

If i give up, my enemy's win !!

I am someone who has to finish what he starts !!

There is no plan B.
I only have to look 2 times a day at trading for 15 min - 30 min.

I still trade forex.

When discovered the secret of winners i knew i would never give up. The difference between a winner and a loser is: A winner continues after a setback how big or small it may be.

A loser quits.
And i am not a loser.

There is not much pain i can feel.
Losing money is something i prepared for when starting.

If u don't fear death and i already suffered a lot in life.
So there is not much that can hurt me anymore.

To be honest i didn't cry when losing money.
My parents did al the crying and screaming.

I was laughing when it happend even tough it did hurt a little inside. My parents called me crazy !!

I couldn't stop laughing when they were screaming.
I kept saying: I am still alive, what's the problem ?!

Even though the next to day i had seizures non-stop !!
So yes, my body and mind weren't that happy as u can guess.

My next step was looking for new ways to make money without giving up trading. That is how Wealthy Affiliate came into my life.

All the best to u smart.

beachwood Premium
Great post Dahay! I am sorry you lost all of that money that had to hurt! The good news is through that experience you found Wealthy Affiliate and you will never be swindled again if you follow the training. I see big things in your future my man!

Dahay Premium
thanks chris
bigrog44 Premium
Thanks for sharing, Dahay.
MaxiMos Premium
Keep going man!
Good to hear you didnt give up
Dahay Premium
Thank u maxi
ExpatMark Premium
So many scammers out there. Learn from your experiences and move on. You already know WA is not scam and it can help you, me, and anyone else learn how to MMO.

Dahay Premium
thanks, what is mmo ?
ExpatMark Premium
Making Money Online.
nevrob Premium
Your story is so very interesting and it motivates me .Keep p the good work.
Dahay Premium
Thank u very much Nevrob.