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Last Update: July 30, 2018

I figured this was worth a shot!

Anyone out there in WA land really good at taking notes? I am a huge note taker. I wish at the end of the training there was a downloadable post that had step 1, 2, 3 and so on for creating a website.

I am no where near finished with my current website and I am already in panic mode about creating my next. Why? Because there's like 93758384756 steps I will never remember until I create website number ten probably! I am already dreading trying to go back through training videos to create my next website and not leave anything out.

I am currently creating my own notes, but they are pages long. I want a simple, step by step, what to do next type page.

If you have word document that has everything in order, I'd forever appreciate you sharing that with me. To return the favor,I will create one to share when I am way more comfortable with explaining to others how to create a website.

To help you understand what I am looking for a little more in detail, I am not looking for a book. I just need simple instructions to refer back to when needed. I am hoping someone out there that has made many websites can whip a note page up real quick!LOL

I am sure every one on here would like some refer back to notes. If no one has any they are willing to share,I will create some as soon as I can!!

Thanks in advance!

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YvetteC2 Premium
I know what you mean about taking notes because I take a ton. However, with the training, there are a lot of steps, but trying to go back and capture in a simple check list there is just so much to do. What I did was actually do the steps and I was following along with the video.

Here is a link that may be helpful to you as well: Wishing you all the best.

Kind Regards,
Daesmith Premium
Thank you so much!!
YvetteC2 Premium
You're welcome :)
CravenATAT Premium
You can always go back to the training at any point to see what you have to do when creating a new site. I have seen a few blogs here for the quick steps when creating your second website- I don't remember the link but if I find it I will link it here