Never Give Up!

Last Update: July 17, 2018

Wow. That is about all I feel like I can say at this point. I am exhausted and feel extreamly overloaded with information. I work as a nurse 5 days a week and have two boys ages 2 and 4. Let me tell you, it is NOT easy throwing in something extra to our already hectic 24/7 schedule.

I am so determined to complete this training. I am about to start the 3rd level. It was easy and then got pretty tough and now I am hoping and praying I can finish without any thoughts of needing to give up. I keep telling myself this is not for me. Then, I remind myself of why I began this journey in the first place so I keep on pushing through!

I have thought about giving up more times than I can count. I have thought that this is way over my head, too much information and maybe even a waste of my time. When I slow down and rethink about every detail of training I have had this far- I take back my crazy thoughts.

Yes, this IS way over my head, but that doesn't mean I cannot learn and understand what is going on. It takes time and LOTS of patience. There is not a time limit. You work at your own pace and that I am so thankful for.

It IS a ton of information, BUT good information! I have learned so much about websites and how they work. I love learning new things. Honestly, this program almost seems addicting at times. I catch myself rereading and going over things several times just because I find it very interesting or neat as in how it all works and comes together. It is starting to become fun and something I look forward to daily.

Now let me go back and make myself a little clear. I do not come home daily from a 8-5 job and work on my laptop all night. This is something I do after my kids are in bed for the night. I would never give up my family time for any job and I don't think you would either. So what I am saying is, if you feel like it is taking all of your extra time then set aside an hour a day to work on it. It is very possible and it is not a race. Do not give up thinking you have to work on this 24/7. Yes, the more you work or time you spend, the quicker you will have your websites up and running! Again, it is NO rush.

I am so excited for what is to come. I cannot wait to see a completed website and then start on my next one. I already have so many ideas. The training is for sure the toughest, most challenging and I can imagine the most rewarding thing I have ever been through or done. I am so sure that it will all be worth it in the end!

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sigauke Premium
Good spirit, and great advice, thank you so much
Godsmack12 Premium
your going to rock this you got this.
Daesmith Premium
I am going to try so hard!!!
Thank you!