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Last Update: July 29, 2018

Time management

This is something I am struggling with! Just out of curiosity, about how long do YOU work a day on WA website/training? I am two weeks in and have one and a half website built. Of course, they both need tons of improvement and daily posts, but I am unsure if I am “keeping up with the rest.” Not that it really matters, id just like to know.

It will help me tramoundously to know if I am doing enough or way behind. I try not to rush through the training, but it’s so hard not to. I believe I have done well. I spend approximately an hour a day during the week on here. I spend about 3-4 hours on the weekend working on it.

I also am married with two kids and work a full time job. That makes a huge difference. I know it was in the post we had to participate in during training on how much time you plan to spend. Now my question is how much time do YOU spend? I know 8-9 months is average before seeing any success. I am just feeling like I am way behind everyone else.

Any feedback is appreciated. I’m working super hard and plan to keep on keeping on. If you have found any tequniques for getting through this long process, please share! I have started note taking and it has helped me tons. I feel like I can move quicker that way.

I keep getting distracted and finding new programs and links that are super great. It’s so hard to stay focused and on track with what I started.

Once again, any advice is appreciated. I’d like to know the strategy that has led you to success.

Thanks in advice. You guys ROCK!

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Sammy-B Premium
You are doing very well, Daela, and there is absolutely no reason to worry about your progress. Regarding the speed of progress, everybody moves forwards at their own pace. There is no right or wrong it just needs to fit in with your life. Also, this is no race and it's not a sprint either, but a long-term project - so regard it as a marathon. It's all about commitment, patience and perserverance rather than speed.