Tough Times never Last.

Last Update: Jul 4, 2022

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Inflation is at a 40-year high! Gas prices have hit the rooftop. They are tethering between $6 and $8 per liter. A rise in the cost of gas affects every other thing because of the importance of transportation in moving merchandise from one place to the other. The costs are merely passed over to the consumers in increased prices

Groceries are getting out of reach of folks by the day. It’s estimated that what used to cost $100 now costs $427! That's a whooping 400% quantum jump in prices. The Feds have raised interest rates for the second time in two months. All indices point to the fact that we are heading towards a recession

Come to think of it, even our babies are not spared of the tough times. There has been acute scarcity of baby food. The production factory in Michigan got hit by flooding and temporarily stopped production. Before then, baby food had to be flown in from Germany in military aircraft.

Investors should get Bullish

The stock market is experiencing a bear market right now. For the crypto investor, the leading crypto currency Bitcoin has taken a steep nose dive closely followed by Ethereum It is interesting to notice a decline in both the Centralized and Decentralized finances.

I'd thought the idea behind Decentralized finance was to free it from the drawbacks of Centralized finance. Apparently, it has not been able to do so. If so, why are both currencies experiencing a down time at the same time? It’s interesting to find out what the cryptic founder of DeFi, Satoshi Nakamoto has to say. How long will DeFi be tied to the apron strings of Centralized finance?

This is not the time for an investor in stocks or crypto to hold back. As the prices plunge, that's the time to take advantage of the falling prices and acquire more cryptos/shares in preparation for a better tomorrow.

The Role of Encourager

The affiliate marketer should start thinking of ways to encourage their clients through creative contents that emphasize hope in a brighter and better tomorrow. No matter the niche, an affiliate marketer could come up with some encouragement. We should avoid behaving like the ostrich and pretend everything is OK and life is as usual. Let your clients know you feel for them, you are in the same straits they are in and you can feel their pain. They will be more receptive to what you have to say if they know you share their pain.

What are we supposed to do in times like this?

We are expected to show resilience by refusing to be paralyzed by all the negativity swirling around us. Instead, we should turn our gaze on possibilities even in the tough times we have now found ourselves. If plan A is no longer working, it is time to shift to plan B

We are to exercise hope for a better tomorrow. We have seen this movie play before when we had the Internet collapse, the housing meltdown that plunged this country into a recession. Even from that depth we were able to claw our way back up. We have always bounced back from the brink of complete collapse and this will not be different.

Hope for a better tomorrow is the fuel that goads us to take steps that will help us stage a comeback. American author and business entrepreneur, Seth Godin has this to say of hope: “Without hope, people wither and perish.” We are not about to wither, we are not about to perish. Because we have weathered such dips in our economy in the not too distant past, we are confident that this too will pass

Recent Comments


Hope is important especially in these times. Our financial system is a house of cards particularly because of the gigantic investment off We need to continue to invest And to move forward and to hope.

There is no hope Jim, we just have to let them get on with it and try and work around it and look after number one.

That's why I have ramped down expenses and cut way back in other areas, Dada! The problem this time around is that it is hitting us from all directions though it does NOT need to be this way. Renewable energy is being pursued to the detriment of our economy because what people in government, who, by the way get paid exorbitant bloated salaries to wreck our economy are not suffering like we are, do not realize that without Fossil Fuels, renewables don't exist. Natural gas and coal powers the electric grid. Wind and Solar are not totally reliable, and the items for them are made by, you guessed it, Fossil fuels!

We were energy independent and a net exporter before this new regime took power! Now we are getting flushed down the toilet because our own abundant and much more cleanly refined Fossil fuels have been shut off. It's not for the greater good either, but only for the enrichment of the upper class and the people in power.

I'll stop there, but I know that you get the picture. Yes, we must doggedly pursue the Affiliate marketing arena, and yes, my regular $100 investment in the stock market continues, because I am getting 5X the stocks for the same price so IF there is a rebound, then I'll be sitting okay. Most people, myself, included; however, might not be able to hold on for the projected 3-5 years that it might take for this to recover, and that is if, our energy was being used again right now.

The tough times never last, but they might last long enough to cause permanent damage to many who did not deserve this!

A compelling post, indeed, my friend!


Great response Jeffrey! I really can't think what to add here my friend! 🐫

Much appreciated, Nick! I hope your week started off well!🐫

Very welcome my friend!🐫

Cheers! 🤠🍺


Yes, indeed, Nick!🤠🍺

I don't quite understand your cryptic comment, but Jeff seems to do so. Thanks for commenting

Thanks for your comment. Wozzy seems to be in the same frame of mind with you in that he believes the economic plunge is man-made
Whether it's man-made or dictated by market forces, I would rather it's over with.

I would rather it be over with too, Dada!


Good response, Jeff. I don't know that I completely agree with you on the need for fossil fuels vs alternative energy, but I agree that the alternatives are not reliable. I am in California and over the next 10 years new, gas cars and tools will be phased out. It's kind of frightening. I lived near Inuit Villages that we completely self sufficient when there was a seal hunt. That got closed down and many villages are now totally on welfare and cod stocks are way down. it's not the same as fossil fuel of course, but it shows that a quick, all encompassing decision can really have bad results no matter what the intentions.

Thanks, Jim! What many people do not realize is that Fossil Fuels are used in the production of all of these Green energy items which would not be here if it weren't for fossil fuels. The other problem, of course is that Green Energy is not reliable but dependent upon the sun and the wind, and in some cases water, so FF will serve as a back up no matter what. After all, God put Fossil Fuels here for a reason!


As soon as possible, Jeff. I can't wait.

Me neither!


A good captain knows when to steer his boat Is in inclement weather, sometimes it is better to drop anchor, but ultimately it’s up to the Captain. As long as he or she keeps the crew safe,

Great insight, Stephen. Thanks for your comment.

There is nothing that we can do except to let them get on with it.

There is always an ulterior motive behind this and it seems to come around every 10-15 years.

Stock market and financial crashes are instigated by the elite and only those that benefit.

Why anybody would want to dabble in crypto is beyond me because it's a big game for the elite and they know exactly when to bring it down.

I totally agree, Mick!


Great response, Micki. You seem to hold the view that the plunge in the economy is man-made, and it occurs in every 10-15 year cycle.
Stocks and Cryptos also have their peaks and lows. It's best to buy when it's low and the prices are down.
Cryptos are gaining acceptance in society and some day may eclipse our fiat currency.
Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.

Great response, Micki. You seem to hold the view that the plunge in the economy is man-made, and it occurs in every 10-15 year cycle.
Stocks and Cryptos also have their peaks and lows. It's best to buy when it's low and the prices are down.
Cryptos are gaining acceptance in society and some day may eclipse our fiat currency.
Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.

I concur!

Thanks, Dada!


That's exactly what I am saying Dada, but there is no real proof but I spent a few years researching some strange "sh@t" and it's all about joining the dots.

If you look at Crypto, why is there so much mystery about it?

I mean, nobody knows who is responsible for coming up with the idea in the first place and who stands to benefit from something like this.

Not you and me but the mega-rich and governments.

A great way to move money around "launder" and a great way to hide it.

I'm inclined to look at the top of the pile for possible answers and maybe a connection to the FED.

How something like the FED is even allowed to operate is beyond me and controls all the "World banks" across the planet.

Which are all private banks.

It's all about control and power, period.

The first thing they established when they went into Iraq and Afghanistan was the installation of world banks.

There are only 3 countries that don't have world banks, Iran, North Korea and Cuba but that will come eventually.

I could talk about this all day but I left all that stuff behind because there is nothing we can do about it.

But extremely interesting to know that corruption rules the world and most people are responsible for it because they vote and that is one thing I do not do.

I tell a lie, I voted for BREXIT because the EU is 100% corrupted.

I needed the UK to become independent again because we had almost lost our identity.

One thing our government didn't take into consideration was that the referendum would go our way otherwise the voting would have been rigged.

Us coming out of the EU means that we have spoiled it for the Elite and that's why we are seeing all this shit.

Pandemic, wars, financial collapses...

Just look at why the EU was created in the first place and that was for a "one-world government" with 1 currency.

It used to be the Euro Dollar.

The best place to hide anything is to put it in full view.

Anyway, I have gone on far too long.

Have a nice day.


You make many very valid points here, Mick!


I totally agree with you that the whole world is corruption-ridden and most projects are undertaken for selfish purpose.

I agree, jeff!

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