Are you MIred in your Past or Have you moved on to your Awesome Future?

Last Update: Dec 27, 2021

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Are you stuck in your past? Get unstuck. It’s so easy to get stuck on some trauma that you experienced in the past and your mind keeps revisiting it like clockwork. You will need to get past it because as long as it is occupying your thoughts, there will be no room for positive self-affirming thoughts that will help you achieve your goals.

Visualize your Future

One way to leave your past in the past is to start visualizing your future. Are you aware you can literally see yourself walking into your bright and colorful future? You have all the tools you will ever need: your mind, the color pallet, the paintbrush and you can start painting your future on the canvas of your mind right now. The great thing about creating your future is that you can make it as colorful as you want it to be.

It's All in the Past

Don’t sit down there beating yourself up for some mistake you might have made in the past. Maybe some little indiscretion you had or even some big foul-up. The good thing is that it is all in the past. Thank God! It’s now all in your head.

You have gone past it. That’s why it’s in the past. So stop focusing on something that is reflected only in your rearview mirror. The more you focus on it, the bigger it becomes. You are about to engage in a marathon race into the future and you certainly do not need any extra weightage from the past to weigh you down. Remember? Don’t you ever forget.

A more Complicated Past

I am aware some of us have a deeper and more complicated connection with our past that makes it difficult for us to just walk past it. I would advise such people to see a therapist who will help them break such connections and possibly heal.

But for those of you who are just stuck in your past for some minor hurt, I would advise you jettison every disabling thought from the past that may hamper your movement into your brand new future.

Accept yourself for who you are, warts and all. Self-acceptance is the first step towards forgiving yourself for any mistakes you may have made in the past. If you do not accept yourself for who you are, nobody else will.

My Personal Experience

It’s amazing how as human beings, we find it is easier to focus on the bad and completely discount the good.

Let me illustrate this using a personal experience.

Dee came to live with us when he was just nine. He was an obedient and lovable kid. Ahead of his older brothers, he got admitted to college and graduated with a Master's in the Social Sciences. He works with a hospital and is married with three kids.

He invited my wife and me to his daughter’s christening ceremony. Three days before the ceremony, he sent us a text that the ceremony had been canceled with no further explanation of re-scheduling. We were expecting a phone call. None came. One week later, we were informed that the ceremony had already taken place and photos were posted on Instagram.

My wife and I naturally felt disappointed and invited Dee for a family meeting. He grudgingly apologized for the mistake he had committed. At the end of the meeting, he wanted to know why he was always treated last. Why did nobody give him the attention he needed while he was growing up?

This young man had completely forgotten the countless hours I spent teaching him the grammar and syntax of the English Language and how many times my wife and I took him and his siblings to Disneyland, Disney World, Las Vegas, Atlanta on vacations. All that is forgotten. All he could remember is the seeming ‘slight’ he had suffered. He had been stuck on that slight for these twenty-five long years!


If for any reason you have been stuck in your past, you owe it to yourself to get unstuck so you can release the pent-up energy that will propel you to the colorful future that awaits you.

Hope you had a Merry Christmas! I wish you and yours a happy new year in advance.

Recent Comments


I find it difficult to understand when people are stuck in what they see as the problem instead of moving forward by finding a solution. I think it takes practice to allow yourself to feel mad, sad, disappointed, etc. and express your feelings then let them go and move towards resolution. Maybe easier said than done, but it is what I strive for.
Thanks for sharing your life experience to make great points!

Thanks, Erlene. That's the complexity of human nature for you

It sure is! Two days away from a new year and time to move forward!

My best to you for a fantastic new year!


We tend to forget the good things and focus more on the misdeeds.
Don't feel discouraged; keep being yourself.
Now, I'm not hanging on to the past.
I easily let go for my own peace of mind.
Thank you, Dada.

Way to go, Muslimah! Thank you for your helpful comment. I appreciate it.

I understand all too well what you are saying. Don't dwell on the past but enjoy each day that God has given you. Rejoice and be Glad.

Thanks, JerryMcCoy. What a positive frame of mind!

I remember the Sunday School Song, Jerry, "This is the Day that the Lord Has made!"


Awesome post, Dada! I had an excellent Christmas, and I hope that you did too, my friend!

Right now, I live in the present! The past is the past, and the future is not guaranteed!


Wow Jeff! Don't you want to take a step into the future and imagineer your future?
I had a great Christmas and I am looking forward to an awesome New Year 2022

The next minute of every day, Dada, is the future!

I'm not being pessimistic, just realistic! I do sometimes think of the future, but not all the time! Most times I focus on getting through the current day!

Happy 2022!


Definitely not stuck into my past
I cleared that up several years ago.
I will not be taking any regrets in my future
It is best that we accept the things that we are unable to solve and focus on the positives

Great, Simone! You are such a positive thinker. You acknowledge the bad but you focus on the good. That's what positive thinkers do. I appreciate your comment. Thanks

Thank you Dada.
Learned that there are really no other way, if our goals are to move forward

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