Questions by Cvarr 20

When will my site comment percentage change?
Good Morning, I have been using site comment quite a bit and one time…
2 weeks ago 3 Replies
I'm indexed and moving up - what does impressions mean?
On Google Search Console - I log into my site and go to Performance and…
3 weeks ago 10 Replies
Should I allow links from others in my comments?
I have recieved a few comments from outside of WA and sometimes others…
4 weeks ago 19 Replies
How would I add an ecommerce page?
I would like to add a page to sell products on also. How would I do that…
1 month ago 5 Replies
Where do I link my facebook, twitter, etc please?
I have not found the area to link my facebook and other social media sites…
1 month ago 14 Replies
Where does my website rank in search engines?
Can anyone tell me how to see where my website ranks for any one specific…
1 month ago 8 Replies
Jaxxy siterank is only checking page 1 - is this the way it is now?
I have read quite a few posts saying exactly how to use Jaxxy to see where…
1 month ago 2 Replies
Please help me to shorten my meta description ?
Hello, There must be a Meta Description setting somewhere that I will…
2 months ago 5 Replies
H1 or h2 or h3 tags?
As I am creating content I see the Title Area - and I fill that in with…
2 months ago 2 Replies
Ads.txt file - could you please help to set it up again?
Good Day - At one time my adsense was up and runnign well - yesterday…
2 months ago 3 Replies
Hello site kit not connecting yet it was last week?
Last week all was ok with my site kit. I have been gone a few days, Have…
3 months ago 3 Replies
Keep getting password change emails. where do I report this on word press?
Every few minutes I get an email telling me a password for a certain user…
3 months ago 10 Replies
How do I add a pdf to my posts?
hello, I was hoping someone might be able to offer some quick assistance?…
3 months ago 5 Replies
Can premium members get wa classes?
I am a premium member - I was on the CLASSES page and when I started to…
3 months ago 7 Replies
How do I put my ads.txt file into my site?
How do I upload the file to my root level of my domain site? I have downloaded…
4 months ago 10 Replies
D5 socialia - how to change the font size for paragraphs?
I am using D5 Socialia Theme Template and the font for the paragraphs…
4 months ago 9 Replies
Passive voice vs active voice is there a tool in wp?
Is there a program or tool in WP that can analyze which sentences in my…
4 months ago 12 Replies
Meta description - settings? recommended characters
I have a lot more characters than is recommended and it could be one of…
4 months ago 9 Replies
How do I turn on my hosting here at wa?
I have transferred my domain successfully and I noticed that here at WA…
4 months ago 11 Replies
Point my .com to wa. may I do that and if so, how?
I purchased a domain on google - I purchased…
4 months ago 11 Replies