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January 11, 2021
Here we are - Day 14 Rank 148Network 58Hello Everyone Reading - Thank You for tuning in yet again. If you are new to my blog please say Hello. Drop me a line about yourself. Even if you have been reading yet you haven't said hello - I'm asking you to now. Would be nice to get to know everyone. Day 14 I found myself creating another content rich post for my website. It took me a few hours to write it as 1000 words can sometimes take some time. Sometimes 1000 words just flow out.- other ti
Day 13 Rank 171Network 54I have Created Content on my site other than the About Me Post and the Privacy Policy Page. I actually created content on the niche I want to develop. I created my emailI created two website reviews and asked for two reviews as well. The two reviews that I left, one person wrote back and thanked me and the other person I have not heard from yet. Someone left a review for my site and I was happy to hear it was positive. I have not d
January 07, 2021
Ok - Days 11 and 12..... I am at Purchasing a domain name. I already owned my LLC business name .com Domain so now I have purchased thru Wealthy Affliate my .net and maybe .org... I'll have to go check if I bought both or just the .net.... hard to remember. Been a lot going on. I am building my Wealthy Affiliate site on my .net domain. I am rebuilding my .com website as I learn what to do here as it has already been indexed by google quite a few months ago. We shall see which one takes off
January 07, 2021
I'm amazed - WA has me in the top 200! Really makes me want to keep on working on my site and on helping out where I can here. Keeping at it day by day. Thank You WA!Connie
January 07, 2021
Google Found Me!
January 05, 2021
Days 7.8.9.and 10 Rank 1049!!!! What a change from day 6! I am very pleased.My accomplishments are - Search Engine Optimization Training, SEO All in One Plugin, Set Up SES on my site, Created Content, Created an About Me Page, and Created a Privacy Policy! All on Day 7. I was on a roll. :) Learn and Grow Each Day - That seems to be a good theme as to what goes on in my life. I am on day 10 now. Wow, time flew by. On day 7 I took the day off from here as I was quite busy and tired.
January 01, 2021
Tomorrow I will be starting on Level 2 - I was Very Impressed with the Level 1 Training. I would recommend this to anyone that I come across. Very Nicely Done! Thank You all !!! Connie
January 01, 2021
Day 5/6 - Rank 14,474 I chose a Theme for my Wealthy Affiliate Website and Logged in for the first time. also intitiated the updates my theme had available. I see as a Premium Member I can have up to 10 websites with WA. I believe I will be using them all eventually. My plan is to build one then follow suit with the rest. Learning as I go along. I didn't do much else on this 5th day as I had to go to work and things got hectic there. I was quite beat when I got home late that night. That
December 30, 2020
Day 4 - Rank 57,387 Posts 2 Network 25 My Numbers are going in the right direction. :) Sent my first Chat message today. Sure did find a lot of support there also. Wonderful, and Thank You. I would recommend that everyone give that a try and use it often - ask questions you may have and also take a few minutes each day to go through the first 20 posts or so and see if there are any questions you may answer for someone else. I notice I have received many private messages also. I am qui
December 29, 2020
Started my first site here with WA. Have not added anything at all yet. Off to my "other job" for the rest of the day. Will be working on it later tonight and tomorrow.