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November 12, 2019
Hello everyone. No I'm not leaving. I just thought that it is interesting how many of us close our post or comments here at WA. I have been using "Have a blessed day (or night whatever time it is for me). However, I have received comments back, that it is a different time of day for the person I am addressing. This has been a puzzle for me as to how to close my posts as I have been taught that you don't just stop writing, you end cordially. So today I have come up with the best possible closing
November 11, 2019
Yes I've done it! I am ranked 260 today and have 388 followers. I have been a little bit overwhelmed by things and couldn't write or think of anything to write so I took a couple of days off to just chill out. I rested and watched reruns of NCIS and yesterday was just plumb lazy and layed around in bed all day except to eat of course. I did manage to read and respond to approximately 100 posts yesterday which is what I am certain is responsible for my higher ranking. I feel refreshed and ready
November 04, 2019
How do you take photos taken with your smartphone and transfer them to your laptop? It's probable something very simple but I honestly don't know. I've sent pictures from phone tp phone, but never to my laptop. Please explain. I have some photos in my phone that I want to use on my website. Thanks.
October 29, 2019
Hello everyone. I just wanted to let everyone know that I have not gone anywhere but I feel that I must spend most of my time on the training part of the program. There is so much that I don't know about affiliate marketing that I feel I must put my focus on the training during the week and read all these delightful and informative posts on the weekends. So just to put your minds at ease, I haven't gone anywhere, just rearranged my priorties.Charlotte
October 24, 2019
Cheyenne is out of surgery and doing fine. She is resting comfortably. Thank everyone for all the prayers. My family here appreciated them very much. I left my laptop at home so this one finger blogging is slow. So slow. Well-LaterCharlotte
October 23, 2019
Her favorite question is "Why?" and I always try to have an answer to her question even if it's just simply, "I don't know. It's the way God wanted it." She's the light of my life. I never knew that being a grandmother would fill me with so much love and joy.Cheyenne is her name and she's three. I must stay busy today to keep my mind off her surgery that she is having in the morning. Her mom and dad are nervous as it is, so no matter how worried I am inside, on the outside I must appear calm.Sh
October 20, 2019
I've been indexed by Google!!! Now I really got to get busy, right in the middle of moving out of my family home in to live out the the country with my brother. I'm so happy now!Now the moving we will wait for another post. Right now I've got to rejoice!
Hey I don't understand what is going on with my website. I have created my email address and when I go to the Privacy Policy Page that I had published before I purchased my own domain is not all there in content. I don't know if this has anything to do with the problem, but it says it's still redirecting my website. Could someone please tell me what the heck is going on because I'm sure confused.
October 06, 2019
I can remember when I was a teenage girl wanting to travel to such places as Paris, France, Rome, Italy, and Sydney, Australia to name just a few, but not so much that far away for me anymore. The problem is you have to fly to those places.I flew once. It wasn't for me. I wasn't comfortable in such a confined little space for a long period of time. True I can be confined in a car, but I can always pull over and get out walk around a bit. Not so in an airplane.SCENERYAnother thing, I can travel
October 01, 2019
I have a long week to live through as I anxiously await for the upcoming weekend to arrive of my 45th high school class reunion. D Several of us have reminisced over Facebook about the changes our little town had gone through, to the changes of things we did for fun. I realized long ago that not only has our little town changed, but times have changed as well.I don't imagine that it was this way in the larger cities, but I can remember going to bed at night without my dad having to lock the do