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December 02, 2019
Ok I have a question about the websites that we leave comments on. Are these sites that are suppose to be in the same interest that we have made record of? The reason I am asking is because the websites that have been popping up for me to make comments on, I have no interest in or for that matter have knowledge of to give my opinion. Can someone please enlighten me on this please?Charlotte
December 02, 2019
I would like to take a few moments and apologize for the statement I made earlier this morning about WA being a scam. I was angry and frustrated and spoke out in haste, something my Bible clearly teaches against. Forgive me Kyle and Carson for my hastily spoken words and also my WA friends or family please forgive me also. WA is the REAL THING!Have a blessed week aheadCharlotte
December 02, 2019
Well I finally received that all important message that one of my posts has been indexed by Google. My privacy Policy was indexed is what the message said. My Privacy Policy for crying out loud!!! Something that I didn't write, just inserted my url got indexed!!! I have sweated, pulled my hair out, and worried excessively over placing images on my posts and what gets indexed, my Privacy Policy!!! Well, I am good and upset right now!!!!! Unless this was a mistake, I'm done!!! I know I have said
November 26, 2019
The week of Thanksgiving has always been a very busy week in my home town of Stuttgart, Arkansas. This past weekend opened duck season in Arkansas. Stuttgart is known as the Rice and Duck capital of the world. Hunters from several stakes make their way here for this seemingly popular sport. Personally, I don't see any sense getting up before the crack of dawn just to be out in a duck blind; usually it is cold and most of the time it rains.This is such a big thing, they even have a beauty contes
November 25, 2019
It is really unique how God answers our prayers. After the sermon I heard yesterday about giving thanks to God and really following him closely even through the bad times as well as the good, I found myself praying this morning about my biospy results. I hadn't heard anything yet. But I went on and told my Father that I would still love and trust Him even if it turned out that I have cancer. That has been a fear of mine living in an area where cancer is high. Anyway, I received a letter in the
November 20, 2019
Just a quick note to thank everyone for their prayers for me today during my EGD. I have a very bad case of gastritis and they found a polyp. Will send it off for biospy and won't know the results for several days, but all in all, I feel rested. I should, I slept the afternoon away and didn't get a single thing done here. Well, in my defense, the nurse told me to rest and that I surely did. It takes all day generally for anthesia to wear off of me.Have a blessed timeI'm still yawningCharlotte
November 19, 2019
Hey it's me again. What is a good tutorial explaining how to make your image size fit your blog? I have something written down but it says to use microsoft paint and all I seen was microsoft paint 3D. Is microsoft paint free or do you have to purchase it? I've seen others talk about wrap around content. Is this something I need to know now? Or will I learn it later? I am on the tasks of lesson 6 of Level 2 in the OEC training.Thank you for your help.
November 19, 2019
I feel like I should make a correction or clear up a statement I made in my last post. I stated that my last website blog had over 2200 words and this led to the assumption that I had come up with over 2200 words myself. However, that is not the case. I blogged about songs that had special meaning to me and wrote out the words to the songs. I did give credit to the writers of these songs in my blog. Just so there is no confusion.Charlotte
November 18, 2019
Yes I am so stoked. I just finished my 7th blog for my website. It is over 2200 words. Then I jumped over here to do s few emails and seen my ranking was 121. I am astonished that it made that much of a jump in one night. Thrilled. Now to work on my website images more to get them like I want. Maybe hollering for help later y'all.Everyone have a blessed timeCharlotte
November 14, 2019
I'm about to go bonkers trying to figure out how to move personal taken images from my files to my website. I've gone over the training video several times and I'm missing something, I don't know what. I have gone over a tutorial and I just don't understand. Please help.