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December 04, 2017
Wake up this morning and, as usual, I go through my email notifications for WA in my email. I click on one of the notifications and was greeted with a message that I made it to the Top 200! Great way to start the morning! But I would not have made it this far if it was not from the support of others so thank you all very much!Chris
December 01, 2017
Just wanted to chime and and just review my first month here on Wealthy Affiliate. First off, I can not believe how far along I have come with my site in what really feels like a short period of time. I have focused a lot of time on this as I am very passionate about my chosen niche. I have created goals when I write my articles to make sure that I am providing enough content for my readers. As I went on full blast in the beginning with the amount of articles I write in a week, I am now focusin
Hello WA Community! Just wanted to chime in about my first week in WA and the progress I have made. I am moments away from achieving my second training badge and I cannot believe how much I have learned in one week. My first website was indexed by Google this week and I am just so excited about adding more content on my page as ideas just keep flowing. This is something that I am really excited about as I get to help people in a niche that I am very passionate about. I am meeting my content goa
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What a difference a few minutes makes! I wake up and jump on WA to check some messages and noticed my site was not indexed yet. The laptop was running out of power so I shut that down and turn on my other one. Log on again and I am greeted with a badge for indexing on Google. Great way to start my morning as I was just about to write another article. Feeling very accomplished right now!
November 05, 2017
So I just made the jump to premium and really looking forward to learning more from the community. I have not been this excited about about working in a very long time and this is a breath of fresh air. After being in retail management for 20 years, I have become very burned out from the stress that goes with the territory. I had a quote that happiness was seeing my job in my rear view mirror. Well as luck would have it my store closed down and I chose not to relocate and stay with the company,