Week 5: SAC proves (to me) that I'm a Gemini

Last Update: May 20, 2019

I've been quiet on the platform this past week, knowing that I still had much to do in order to wrap up the first month of SAC.

In my update last week, I mentioned that I still had to complete 2 articles, and that I was focusing on creating longer content.

Did I Reach My Goals?

I've certainly been working hard on everything I set out to accomplish, and the short answer is... Yes!

I published a long post yesterday, ending at about 2800 words. I'm very happy with how it turned out, and my use of layout and images to help it flow nicely without feeling long.

I published another article just this morning after deciding on a title and editing some details. It ended at about 1600 words, which is closer to average for me.

That makes 12 articles, with about 18,350 words.

In the words of Jon Lake... I slid in under the wire! Nothing like watching the minutes count down, and using them all!

Are My Checkboxes Checked?

For the most part...

  • I created my content.
  • I saved over 50 keywords in Jaaxy.
  • I shared blog posts on WA and social media.
  • I shared my WA affiliate link and got a Starter member.
  • All of the other smaller tasks are completed

Where did I fall back?

  • Help and Chat

I started strong, very active every day. But when it came down to finishing Month 1, I had to prioritize and get my content published.

I haven't stopped helping, just took a small step back. I anticipate that this area will see the most ebb and flow, as content writing will always take the front seat.

Understanding the Mind of a Gemini

Gemini's have very complicated minds.

We are very analytical, and often overly-analytical, which can lead to indecisiveness, which can hinder production when not kept in check. Fortunately, I am strong-willed, and very aware that I am indecisive, so I try to proactively lead my thought processes to a faster and more favorable outcome than stress. (Yes, I have to practice making quick decisions!)

Indecisiveness is not to be confused with procrastination. We are very organized and goal oriented, as well as inquisitive, innovative, and passionate, which can be excellent traits for a writer.

Looking back to the beginning of the SAC, I exploded out of the gates and was ahead of the timeline for the first 3 weeks. Since we are keeping updates here in the blog, I received many congrats on my progress, which I thankfully used as motivation to stay on track.

What you didn't know, though, is I'm a Gemini.

My efforts in the beginning were simply a reflection of my personality. My "survival instincts" kicked in, and by design, I ran. I knew that if I didn't start strong, I would likely suffer from over-analyzing and indecisiveness that might have inhibited me from completing the tasks on the checklist...

And me not completing something, doesn't happen.

I defintely had setbacks this first month, and I'm still working out some of the kinks that have managed to ripple their way into my To-Do List, but if nothing else, I am resiliant.

I am figuring this stuff out, learning daily, applying new training and ideas, and continually moving forward, as are many of you WA members.

Share the Love

So, there's a little about me. I fully anticipate that I'll shoot off of the starting line again this month, because that's just how I function. But now you know, that like everyone else, I need encouragement to make it to the finish line! I am both the Tortoise, and the Hare.

I really appreciate everyone's comments, words of congrats, and motivation. It refuels the think tank, and sets the right frame of mind to be productive and successful. Thank you.

On to Month 2!

Take care,


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RAFStuart Premium
Great post, from one Gemini to another.
cris1018 Premium
Hey thanks, Stuart!
RAFStuart Premium
You are most welcome.
kpercival55 Premium
Well done Cris!
I admire everyone who is taking on the SAC challenge.
Your Gemini traits will serve you well as you continue your challenge.
All the best!
cris1018 Premium
Thanks, KyleAnn! I sure hope so! :-)
trymetoday Premium
The Gemini is strong is in you Cris thats for sure, pleased to hear you are progressing well with the SAC program, a lot of catching up for me to do. Paul
cris1018 Premium
We'll, it's a good start. I'm a little worried about keeping up during the busy summer months, but I am definitely going to give it my all! I hope your able to get caught up soon... keep pushing forward, Paul! :-)
mbouteiller Premium
Hey Cris,

I love your Spirit! Well done! Gemini... yes, very strong-willed folks. That's a good quality to have and being indecisive is great too.. means you're a thinker.

I'm Aries... strictly bull-headed and yes, I'm very stubborn and yet I love challenges too like you.

Good job and I like your turtle.. you're going all the way Cris and together we're doing it. We all are.

Have an awesome week and let's have fun in month 2.

cris1018 Premium
Thank you, Monica!
Stubborn = Determined = Destined for Greatness! :-)
Looking forward to the next phase. Let's climb to the top!

jivitaa339 Premium
Congrats Chris, and keep it up.
cris1018 Premium
Thank you!
FKelso Premium
You've done well, and have shown your commitment and your ability to accomplish lots under pressure. Keep up the good work.
cris1018 Premium
Thanks, Fran. You've been one of my motivators! Thank you for always taking the time to leave some encouraging words. I know you have been working hard also. Let's conquer Month 2!
FKelso Premium
We'll do 'er
manna4star2 Premium
You sound just like me. Could it be that I am a Gemini too? :)

And it has been that way all of my life.

cris1018 Premium
Go Gemini!

It really is a blessing and a curse... much like being a first born Type A person, which I also am haha

Thanks for stopping by, Sonny!
manna4star2 Premium
OMG <---- Firstborn and type A also.
cris1018 Premium
Ha! So you completely understand! Don't you hate it when you are the source of your own stress? Lol

Any other Gemini, first born, Type A's out there?