Week 2: SAC was Productive

Last Update: April 28, 2019

If I'm following the SAC schedule and planning ahead week by week, which I am, then this post comes a few days late. I'm okay with that, as I have been busy working, and checking off those boxes!

Progress Summary

So far, I've published 7 of my 12 posts due by May 20th. That's including my Wealthy Affiliate Review. I will be publishing another post today. I haven't been rushing, as I want to be sure to publish quality content, but I've been pushing myself to stay on track by putting in extra hours when and where I can.

I have discovered a path for my transition into writing and publishing reviews on my SAC site, which is something I've been kind of hung up on until this week. As my website is set up a bit differently than most MMO sites I've come across, I was struggling to find the right place to incorporate the reviews, and, honestly, I just wasn't really feeling like spending my writing time on that area of content yet.

The article I plan to post today is my transition piece.

Though I fully realize that my readers won't necessarily find my review posts in any particular order, I'm comfortable with the way that I've decided to add them, which makes me a lot more confident going forward with that area of my site.

As for the weekly requirements of blogging here, as well as posting to social media, I've got those covered. To my (great) surprise, I'm rather enjoying my new Facebook Business Page. It's easy for me to avoid spending too much time there, because I've never used social media much personally. I am diligently posting something of relevant interest each day. What I need to work on now is getting followers.

As for the daily requirements, I am doing my best to periodically check the Dashboard for questions. I have been able to answer quite a few lately, which I hope has been a help to other members. I am also participating in Chat every day, though I am taking more of an "average" approach, as I find I am in there for longer/shorter periods some days than others.

In Conclusion

I feel good with my progress at this point. I'd rather reach my goals ahead of schedule and feel assured moving into the next month, then not reach my goals and feel behind. I HATE getting behind, and not reaching my goals. As one who lives with the mutual blessing and curse of perfectionism, it does not sit well to be behind the game.

Side bar...

It was a struggle for me when I first started here to follow Kyle's training with publishing content: write, publish, edit later. WHAT??? Oooooohhhh. That was a curve ball. Every instinct in me was to keep editing that piece of content til it was perfect. "Other people are going to see it! It's not ready!"

Good student that I am, I followed Kyle's training, because I know that to be successful you follow those who are successful. That belief has proved me well in the past, so I chose to have faith in Kyle. If that's what Kyle said to do, then I was going to do it. It took me a week to write a post when I first started, and now I can knock one or two out a day if it's all I'm focused on. (And they're way better!) What a difference!

Back to Conclusion...

I compete with no one but myself. I am my own worst critic. I am a perpetual sponge of knowledge, and should I be placed in a position to help another, then I surely do. I love this platform. I am grateful for the opportunity to be here. I will continue to give it my all until I get to where I want to be!

I'm Creating My Story. Are You Creating Yours?

To Our Success!


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Eliz65 Premium
Sorry, posting on my phone and fingers not working this early in the morning. LOL
meant to say but like you I can now write a post in a day or two too and not feel the need to edit as much.
I’m also enjoying writing my story😀
cris1018 Premium
Ha! I don't do well on my phone either, especially in Chat...yikes! But Yay for progress, and aquired skills!!! Time & effort make a great combination :-)
Eliz65 Premium
I can so relate with you about editing. I still spend too much time in that area, but like you I can now writ
Jessibelle72 Premium
Thanks for sharing, I love this post. So much that resonates with me....!
cris1018 Premium
Thank you, Jessica!
FKelso Premium
Yes, to our success. You and I are at about the same point...I just published my 7th post today. It isn't perfect, but it's on there. And, yes, I'm creating my story...hope it gets lots of readers.

I've been able to stay on track because I have two websites. One I publish on every 3 days, so try to do a blog for the other one for one of the in-between days. So far, so good...but now have to find a new topic. Reviews! My nemesis!
cris1018 Premium
Fran, we're going to conquer those reviews yet! :-)
TimMoto Premium
Seems to me you have your goals in clear site and that keeps you focused on progress. Your right that quality and meaning are critical when writing for the reader, as Ke continues to remind us. Nice blog. Enjoyed reading it as I’m sure others will also.
All the best.
cris1018 Premium
Thanks very much, Tim, and all the best to you as well!