WA'ers are Superheroes - SAC Month 2 Week 2

Last Update: June 29, 2019

Summer vacation has begun, and for all of you parents out there (of youngins), I'm sure you can relate to the battle of the work/home life balance.

Had I not thought ahead and planned accordingly, I may be stressing out a bit by now. But history has shown me that in order to create a business, you must treat it as a business. I learned that long ago, and remind myself daily in this venture.

No Excuses

How am I managing to stay on track while performing double duty?

The Keys to Efficient Productivity:

1. A Daily Schedule

2. A Daily Task List

3. A Post Writing Template

These three things helped me to complete the first month on time, and are just good to follow in general to get stuff done.

Progress Update:

Training credits have helped me stay on top of comments. I'm using both Site Comments and the free Comments thread.

I have continued to answer community questions which has resulted in my rank reaching 95 and my profile gaining the Top 100 badge without trying to achieve it. ( Imagine that! WA training works!?! ) Though the rank doesn't put money in my pocket, it is enriching. I continue to learn here daily, and meet new people who I am glad to connect with on this platform.

As for the new task checklist, I am off to an unusual start. We were travelling for a week, and I was without wifi except for my Smartphone, and, for those of you who have been in that same scenario, you know that things can be done on a phone, but it's not as easy.

Didn't I say "No Excuses?"

I had my Surface with me, and since we just began the new month, I wasn't too worried about the absence of Internet. I simply used my phone to research, and used my Surface to write my content in Word.

Back in the office, I published an article yesterday, which I just added to the comments thread this morning, and I am hoping to finish writing a second article today that I had started on the road. With two other articles I already had saved as drafts, I'm staying on track with posts.

My total word count at WA has passed the 51,000 mark. I'm keeping track because I expect the second half of the year to see a lot more words than the first did.

I created my Pinterest business account, and started to create boards and add pins. It's amazing, actually, what I've learned through other people's pins the past few days. Though I plan to use (test) different looks, I've designed a "brand pin" in Canva and have added my first three pins linking back to my SAC site. I saw today that I have my first two followers, so that's exciting. Gotta start somewhere :-)

I've also started researching various email / autoresponder services (through blogs/trainings here mostly) to start building an email list for my SAC site.

WA Members are Superheroes

Many of us WA members are building our businesses in the wee hours of the morning, the late hours of the night, and the opportunistic moments in between.

Do you know what that says?

We're determined. We're persistent. We're doing whatever it takes to make our life the life we want.

It's not easy working a job, trying to build this business on the side, and maintaining some quality family life. I'm fortunate to be home now, but I didn't start that way. I've set goals, and I'm doing WHATEVER it takes to achieve them, as many of us are at WA.

So, my words of Inspiration for the day:

"Believe in You." Don't sell yourself short. This is a long-term business that takes time, effort, and continued action. Stay the course, and be proud of what you're creating (no matter how long it takes)!

Back to my site...

Take care,


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FKelso Premium
Good post, and you are doing well. Yes, we must believe in ourselves to get where we want to go.
cris1018 Premium
Thank you, Fran. I appreciate you always taking the time!
Shellback Premium
Enthusiasm does make the difference....thank you for sharing.
cris1018 Premium
Yes, mindset plays a huge part in one's life, and not just here. There's a saying I use quite often, especially when my kids doubt themselves...
"Whether you think you can, or can't, you're right."
Always believe in yourself!
Thanks for taking the time, Billy.
Shellback Premium
You're welcome have a great day!
mbouteiller Premium
Hey Cris,

I love your energy and your positive mindset. Thank you for your inspiration.

You rock!! 😀

cris1018 Premium
Thank you, Monica! Always happy to see you stop by, and back atcha :-)
sminman7 Premium
Great post! Great encouragement and information!
Keep up the good work! Best wishes for continued success!
You deserve it!
Michael Inman
cris1018 Premium
Thank you, Michael. I appreciate it! Continued success to you as well!

JesusGirl144 Premium
Thank you for this encouraging post! God Bless!
cris1018 Premium
Thanks for stopping by, Randi! Have a great day!