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Progress ReportI've just passed my 3 month mark, and am on track with my personal goals.My first website is looking pretty good. In what time I have dedicated to the growth of this first project, I have stayed on task (even during the busy Holidays!) with publishing one good piece of content per week - no matter what. I have 13 published posts, and more content already mapped out. I'm getting faster at researching and writing my content.I've surpassed 20,000 words.I've reached my goal, as was i
The Road That Led Me To Wealthy AffiliateThree months ago, I had never heard of Wealthy Affiliate.Then, one day, I was sitting at my brand new desk, at my brand new computer, with my brand new vision of my life ahead.I had recently declined to continue commuting to someone else's business to trade too much time for not enough money. (a plight we've all experienced)I finally decided to put my precious time and efforts into my own business, as I realized that, generally speaking, no one has the a
Ideas For Site CommentsThis post started as a reply comment to the following post made by MKearns: recommend clicking on that link to see some of the ideas outlined by Mike to take into consideration when leaving comments for other's websites.My response to his post got so long that I had to create my own post!There has been a LOT of discussion, and confusion, when it comes to Site Comments.Kyle and Carson have done an excellent j
October 24, 2018
OPPORTUNITY IS OUT THEREIf you notice the picture I've posted here, you see that it simply contains a straight track. No engine. No switches. Nothing but straight track and blue sky.This is where I am today. Looking FORWARD.I'm not watching the steam engine rolling along the tracks. I don't want to see what's on the tracks behind me... I AM THE STEAM ENGINE. And my track is the straight and narrow. I'm FOCUSED. I'm MOTIVATED.I'm using that energy to BE PRODUCTIVE.I see OPPORTUNITY, and I am TAK
October 16, 2018
A milestone!14 days as a member here at WA, and part time at that. I have been steadily and diligently completing the training, and to my surprise, I have made it this far already. I can't tell you how thrilled I am to have received this email notification.Small step in the Affiliate Marketing world. Giant leap for this girl right here!I write this post today for two reasons:1. Reminder to Self - In a relatively short amount of time, I have managed to learn something new and simultaneously crea
October 13, 2018
I noticed something today, and maybe you have noticed this same thing at some point. Wealthy Affiliate Site FeedbackAs part of the community here, we are asked to provide our WA friends with feedback on their website(s). This is both a wonderful training requirement, and a useful improvement tool when both the assessor and the content writer take to heart what is being reviewed and what is the basis of any consequential comment.The purpose of providing feedback is to help our friendly neighbor