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April 28, 2019
When you start to get the hang of Jaaxy, it can really be addicting. I find myself searching a little bit each day for new or related terms to use in new articles, and somedays are a bust...But, somedays are a BOOM!Persistence and PerseveranceMy goals for today were to publish a new article to my SAC site, and to add some keywords to my Jaaxy Saved Lists. While writing my post, I would periodically jump back over to Jaaxy and search some phrases.Well, this afternoon, I happened to find just wha
If I'm following the SAC schedule and planning ahead week by week, which I am, then this post comes a few days late. I'm okay with that, as I have been busy working, and checking off those boxes!Progress SummarySo far, I've published 7 of my 12 posts due by May 20th. That's including my Wealthy Affiliate Review. I will be publishing another post today. I haven't been rushing, as I want to be sure to publish quality content, but I've been pushing myself to stay on track by putting in extra hours
Well, it took me longer than I had hoped, but I am finally, officially, on Facebook!Necessary Steps in the World of Online MarketingI have started a "personal" business page for networking as me. I have also created a Business Page specifically for my WA marketing with my new website that I'm building out for the SAC.I intend to be very diligent in my activity, and hopefully will attract some followers with my content. So far I have set up my page, and added a few helpful posts. My goal, right
My family decided to do something very different for Easter this year. We are on a camping trip in beautiful Colorado!That's right. No big to-do going on at my house. No ham baking in the oven. No twenty side dishes fighting for space in my fridge. No stress of entertaining. No better place to reflect on this day than in a cabin in the woods.The Great OutdoorsIf you've read my profile, or any of my previous WA blogs, then you've probably picked up on my love for the outdoors.This year, my husba
It's not yet time to hear the distinct night sounds of crickets, but the Owls in the tree beside my house provide soothing sounds of their own.Sleep, where art thou?While the moon rises, I (once again) remain wide awake in anticipation of another day writing and stealing glances at the mountains in the distance.Funny, how when I still worked outside the house, I felt the need to be in bed by 10pm, and would be dog tired the next day if I couldn't fall fast asleep.Since making the change to stay
On April 10th, we started the first 5 weeks of the Super Affiliate Challenge with a focus on building our website foundation. With a checklist of 19 items, one needs to be on task every day to accomplish what's required to make it to the next month's lesson with all of the boxes checked.Determined to SucceedI started out strong. I found a new domain to build out a brand new website, chose my theme, customized it, and started to add content quickly.I'm pleased with the overall look and flow of m
April 10, 2019
Not sure what's going on with my internal clock as of late, but apparently it thinks I don't need to sleep much past 4am!No I'm not going to bed at 7pm. I'm usually up til 10 or 11. The "problem" is my mind is full of ideas.I got in the habit a long time ago of leaving a notebook on my bedside table. Often, I wake in the middle of the night with something on my mind, and over the years I've come to realize 2 things:1. The middle of the night is when I have my best ideas.2. If I don't write it d
6 Months...Already??!!Time Sure Flies!I had to look back at my three month blog post to recall where I was at that time and what I had written.I was very happy at that time to be around the 8500 rank, and to have found so many helpful people here in the community. I was on the slow track I'd say at that time, but was still meeting my personal goals within my time commitment ability.Where Am I Now?Well, I am definitely able to put in more hours. I have improved my skills greatly the last 30 days
Super Affiliate Challenge AcceptedLike many, I received an email earlier this week with my acceptance to the Super Affiliate Challenge of 2019, and I couldn't be more excited to start this journey! I feel Motivated, Inspired, Energized, and ready to do what it takes NO MATTER WHAT!2019 will be MY year. Will it be YOURS?A few minutes ago, I commented on a post, and in doing so, I got an incredible urge to help motivate someone else today. I don't know if I succeeded in that or not, but I wanted
Let me start by first saying that WA, the wonderful company that it is, does backups! This post is not meant to say otherwise. However, if you have been using the UpdraftPlus plugin for a local backup, then you may want to reconsider due to some issues that were recently brought to my attention.Website Backup is VitalWorry about having a full backup of your website in case you need to restore it for any reason can cause a lot of anxiety.Can you imagine if something happened, and you lost all of