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Just one of the issues I need to address on my SAC site, but first my update...Summer and SAC Don't MixWell, I knew this round would be a hard one.With my kids home for the summer, and planned activities and vacations under way, falling behind in June is an understatement. We've got a couple of days left, but I think it's safe to go ahead and say that I'm not going to meet ALL of the tasks on this month's list. I'm going to push through to the very end though and complete as much as I can. I ha
I don't know how I got on this Guidelines kick lately, but here's another for ya...As many of you know, I have been doing an incredible amount of research on social media platforms recently. There are probably thousands of helpful blog posts here on the topic, and I've collected information from both outside resources, as well as directly from the horse's mouths.A while back, I was creating a blog banner in Canva for a new article, and after I finished, I questioned whether I was crossing any l
Have you ever clicked on the link provided in the Disclosure template to read the FTC's article about disclosing the nature of your relationships to the information (namely, products) you present on your website?To be honest, I hadn't checked it in a while. No need here, really, as Kyle and Carson make sure it is up-to-date and provides what's necessary for all of us to stay compliant (as with everything else they research and keep up-to-date for us).I happened to notice though while exploring
Just a short one today...I was doing a little Google reading on writing today, and I came across this excerpt, which actually reminded me a lot of something that Kyle said in one of the trainings here. (possibly is the same quote)"As humans, we all have a variety of life experiences and interests that make us uniquely qualified to write about various things. It’s called the human experience. As our human experience accumulates over time, it can be organized into areas of interest and expe
On the road, and brainstorming blog material all the while, I had an interesting chain of thoughts evolve from a US Highway road sign.From New Mexico, USAAnyone know what a Safety Corridor is?While driving through northern New Mexico, I passed a sign that read: Safety Corridor - Speeding Fines Doubled.After noticing the third one, I turned to Google for a little enlightenment. According to the NM Dept of Transportation, the Safety Corridor Program was enacted to lower the fatality rate on the I
Summer vacation has begun, and for all of you parents out there (of youngins), I'm sure you can relate to the battle of the work/home life balance.Had I not thought ahead and planned accordingly, I may be stressing out a bit by now. But history has shown me that in order to create a business, you must treat it as a business. I learned that long ago, and remind myself daily in this venture.No ExcusesHow am I managing to stay on track while performing double duty?The Keys to Efficient Productivit
I've been quiet on the platform this past week, knowing that I still had much to do in order to wrap up the first month of SAC.In my update last week, I mentioned that I still had to complete 2 articles, and that I was focusing on creating longer content.Did I Reach My Goals?I've certainly been working hard on everything I set out to accomplish, and the short answer is... Yes!I published a long post yesterday, ending at about 2800 words. I'm very happy with how it turned out, and my use of layo
As this is an SAC update post... First the update:This past week has definitely had it's growing pains. Such is life, huh?I have managed to very quickly have my Business Page posts removed from Facebook, despite all of my preemptive attempts to avoid just that. Facebook apparently doesn't have enough people employed to answer their User's support questions, as I've e-mailed them twice with no response, yet. No matter. While I've placed that venture in limbo, I've continued on the with the SAC C
I started the day flying high!Then crash... and BURN.When Life Throws Lemons at You, Throw Them BackI should have known this morning when I arrived late to my son's school (we're never late), that today would be filled with obstacles.What was suppose to be a somewhat restful day, turned out to be everything but. All I wanted was a minute to relax my mind that has been working overtime, and the day proceeded to show me otherwise.After the late arrival to school (not for school, but a pre-class a
With week 3 in the books, we have officially made it past the half-way mark of the first "month" of SAC. Therefore, I am happy to report that I am more than half-way through the checklist!Staying on Track Takes FocusAs I stated in my previous SAC blog update, I do not like to be behind in my work. I have been working diligently in all necessary areas: content, social media, and community involvement.I have 8 of my 12 posts published, which leads me to believe that I will meet the minimum on tim