HIGH! Then low, Low, LOW.

Last Update: May 02, 2019

I started the day flying high!

Then crash... and BURN.

When Life Throws Lemons at You, Throw Them Back

I should have known this morning when I arrived late to my son's school (we're never late), that today would be filled with obstacles.

What was suppose to be a somewhat restful day, turned out to be everything but. All I wanted was a minute to relax my mind that has been working overtime, and the day proceeded to show me otherwise.

After the late arrival to school (not for school, but a pre-class activity), I returned home as my boys went to class, and I began doing some editing on my new SAC site. After having read the recent informative article by SnazzyIT (https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/snazzyit/blog/two-important-...), I realized I had a few sentences that needed some immediate restructure.

The editing session went quite well. I didn't have much that NEEDED change, but I spent more time afterward improving upon my posts, and making them a bit longer. When I finished, I felt pretty good with my day's progress, so I thought I would jump on over to my new Facebook Business Page, drop a quick post with a link back to my site, and call it a day!

And then the Lemons. Again.

What's Behind Door Number Three, Bob?

When I logged into my new Facebook Business Page, I saw that there were three lonely posts.

Now, I have been very diligently posting each day since I started the page, and had several good articles on there linking back to my WA SAC site. Since I wasn't familiar with creating a page before, it took me quite a long time to set it all up just how I wanted it and to create each post.

I even learned how to create and post from Canva. (very cool!)


What a courtesy it was, though, of Facebook to send me a message stating that my 'link' (my website URL) had been blocked. This came as somewhat of a surprise because I had already done what I had learned here, and was using shortlinks for my links back to my WA SAC site.

So, I submitted a form proclaiming an error, and am now waiting for Facebook to 'investigate' my claim. In the meantime, am I going to sit here and pout about it?


My boys are home from school for a three day weekend, and I intend to spend time with them (the reason I was trying to stay ahead in the first place).

And I shall.

My SAC site is still fantastic.

I am still fantastic.

My image of Facebook for Business has changed a bit, but we shall see what comes of it.

I refuse to see Lemons.

Have a good night!


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Cav1966 Premium
Aaww it seems that facebook is on a dsleting spree again..it has happened to a few well known members here as of late
I have one or two that i dont use too often no more ..never been just down but as facebook is a finicky creature i dont want to bother
Hope it works for you
cris1018 Premium
Yes, in fact, there was an article in the news recently about cracking down on certain groups, mainly referring to pages that may be of national threat, or racist, etc, but also mentioned the "inappropriate use/display of content" from independent business pages, misleading people, yada yada yada..

I had a post on my page that was removed that was an article about how Amazon scams were one of the top scams of 2018, not at all meaning that Amazon was scamming people, but that they had the largest number of impersonators in 2018. Because it had a link back to my WA site, it was blocked. I'm still waiting to hear back from FB as to the status of my account.

I've already decided not to hold my breath on this. FB, as I understand it is not the BEST place to advertise anyhow. I was really using it as a stepping stone to better social media platforms, as I figured I could iron out all the kinks by learning the SM basics there. Well, that may have been short lived!
Eliz65 Premium
Hope it all works out. I’m still learning when it comes to Facebook.
Not sure why - but I just have never been a Facebook fan.
I’m trying to build traffic and am using Facebook as one option.
You are so right to not see lemons!
Enjoy your precious time with your boys - life’s so short. Besides it’s easy to turn those lemons into lemonade!
cris1018 Premium
Ha! Me neither! I don't personally use social media, so this has been the thorn in my side! I understand fully it's benefits, thus I am learning, but it is not my favorite task, nor do I like it at the moment! Thanks, Liz :-)
FKelso Premium
Pour a glass of that wine for me!

Hopefully, all is well with my FB page. I put all my posts on there from the cat site; gotta start a page for the WA site. Then we will see what's what.

Hope it works out okay.
cris1018 Premium
Ha! I had two, Fran! It was that kind of day. I tell ya what. There is nothing more relaxing than sitting on the deck with my husband reveling in the beauty of the mountains with a glass of wine.

I'm feeling renewed this morning. I am not even going to give Facebook a thought today. I am moving forward with my To-Do list, as planned, and will revisit FB when I'm through the rest of the SAC checklist!
TimMoto Premium
The wine will help also!
cris1018 Premium
Yes, it did, Tim. :-)
TimMoto Premium
Time to make lemonade and get back in the ring! Hope it all works out for you.
cris1018 Premium
I do love lemonade. Problem is, I'm so competitive (with myself) that I don't even harvest the lemons. I throw them straight back to where they came from ;-)