Facebook Page is Open for Business!

Last Update: April 24, 2019

Well, it took me longer than I had hoped, but I am finally, officially, on Facebook!

Necessary Steps in the World of Online Marketing

I have started a "personal" business page for networking as me. I have also created a Business Page specifically for my WA marketing with my new website that I'm building out for the SAC.

I intend to be very diligent in my activity, and hopefully will attract some followers with my content. So far I have set up my page, and added a few helpful posts.

My goal, right now, is to add one new post per day with a link to quality content that either I've written for my WA site, or that I've found here and shared with my affiliate link (LOVE that!).

I've also created a list of topics for daily posts that I intend to roll out when I have more time to commit (as I'm busy writing thousands of words for the SAC right now).

Man does it FEEL GOOD!

As some of you know, I wasn't real excited about this step - because I don't personally use social media [ Yes, yes, I know. Put your lower jaw back up ;-) ]. However, I do understand, completely, the business aspect of it and that I absolutely need to incorporate into my routine. Thus, I have started, and I think I'm off to a great start.

From here, I will continue to learn the true marketing part of this, as in...

  • how to get people to my page
  • what on earth is "boost" and is it worth the small investment
  • and so many other things that I will search here

If you would like to connect with either (or both!) of my pages, I have just added them to my profile! I would be ecstatic to see some connection on there. Thanks in advance :-)

If you have any quick tips that you would like to share, please leave them below!

Make it a great day,


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Eliz65 Premium
Nice work getting Facebook set up! Wishing you sucess.
cris1018 Premium
Thank you!
ShihTzuSteve Premium
Well done for getting your FB page set up.
I am experimenting with post boosts. A post boost is one form of Facebook Ads. I have decided to invest 10 GBP every month boosting a post to a laser targeted audience, that is people who have in the past expressed an interest in the subject of the post. My first boost got me about 20 page likes and 68 click-throughs to my post on my website. About half of these clicked on my affiliate offer but, alas, no sales. I have just today boosted a second post but it is too early to review any results.
cris1018 Premium
Wow! That sounds like a promising trial. I'm all for giving it a try. It's affordable and my initial goal would just be to get some traffic, likes and follows. If I had some sales out of it that'd be great, too. I'd take any of that, Steve!

Thank you for sharing.
Wdcope Premium
This has worked for several of my clients to bring customers into their stores. I have several community pages for my websites, but I have held off boosting since I have budgeted elsewhere for now, but when the time is right I will.
Many different ways organic growth and traffic is assisted this way.
Wish all continued success in this process of promotion.
Tirolith Premium
All done. Have joined you on f/b.
cris1018 Premium
Awwwww, thanks so much, Tom!

What a great way to end my work day. I'll be smiling the rest of the night :-)

I'll be sure to check your profile to return the favor if you have a page. I appreciate it!
anusuya1 Premium
cris1018 Premium
Thanks :-)
lesabre Premium
Hi Cris, that is great Cris. Tapping into social media can be advantageous. Your accomplishments are adding up. Congratulations and continued success.
cris1018 Premium
Thanks a lot, Michael!