Best Jaaxy Metrics Yet!

Last Update: April 28, 2019

When you start to get the hang of Jaaxy, it can really be addicting. I find myself searching a little bit each day for new or related terms to use in new articles, and somedays are a bust...

But, somedays are a BOOM!

Persistence and Perseverance

My goals for today were to publish a new article to my SAC site, and to add some keywords to my Jaaxy Saved Lists. While writing my post, I would periodically jump back over to Jaaxy and search some phrases.

Well, this afternoon, I happened to find just what I needed and here are the numbers:

AVG 299 | TRAFFIC 51 | QSR 0 | SEO 94

Yay for low hanging fruit!

I will take those numbers ALL DAY LONG!

However, this is the first time I've been so lucky to find such a thing.

Therefore... Fireworks!

Today is a WIN all across the board. I published my article as planned, and I found the best Jaaxy metrics yet out of all of my searches. I don't believe that I had any previous posts with a ZERO QSR with that amount of looks and clicks.

It is a wonderful feeling of accomplishment at the end of a long writing session!

Keep pushing forward!


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Crazyhaggis Premium
Great keyword congrats on finding it.
cris1018 Premium
Thanks... It will be interesting following the stats!
kpercival55 Premium
Good work Cris!
Thanks for sharing your success, proof positive that if you work the system the system will work for you!

cris1018 Premium
Exactly! Thank you for reading, KyleAnn!
RDulloo Premium
Isn't it awesome when that happens? :) Would love to know how you rank eventually.

Wish you much success!

cris1018 Premium
I'm excited to see that as well! I'll try to remember to update. Thanks for reading and sharing in my joy today. I appreciate you :-)
Vickic3 Premium
Great keywords win every time Cris and good on you for enjoying the research as having a lot of keywords saved is time-saving and makes everything flow more easily when writing
Keep moving forward and love what you do
cris1018 Premium
Nice to hear from you, Vicki! Thank you!
TimMoto Premium
Congrats! Well done!
cris1018 Premium
Thank you! Goes to show that patience, and growth over time, leads to great things. And a reminder to enjoy the journey!