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This mornning, I was almost finished my blog. Yeah, like the tittle says my CPU crashed. I didn't want to shut down because of the fear of losing all my work. I never saved even once ( Dumb Ass). So I thought what if I login on anouther CPU and leave this one running? My other laptop has some harddrive issues and it had not been booted in a while. It booted, and I loaded my dashboard. To my suprize the post was there, I opened it and saved. I'm not sure if it was the auto save that is built int
December 08, 2013
Some of you may already know that I do allot of experimenting (haha ) Well I stumbled on to a cheap way to do PPC ads. I entered a list of keywords like always and when I was checking the results I found a high hitter that was half the cost of the others. After some examination I realized It was a typo. So i put a new ad together and used only typos for keywords( wha la I struck gold ) the typos worked just as good as the regular keywords. If the typo looks natural then it probably will make a
November 18, 2013
Local Traffic is what some ppl are after. I have a website that only requires local traffic. When this is your goal you should then go after the keyword that you have researched and one more keyword (the city name). almost instantly you will rank higher within your city. Google loves this. Also you should get some stickers or magnets made for your car and to give to your customers. What you are after is name recognition. I have a sign that i rent out and at the bottom of my customers ad i alway
When selecting products to Advertize I often will test the product with a CPM campain. Its cost effective and you will have stats to make a desision in about a week . if the product converts you know the landing page is good. If it converts like crazy you could then create page, post or even a website around it.
November 08, 2013
I just found out that the referral button IN stats tells you who has been invited to WA under you. This is great. IF I had known this before I could have been proactive in my referrals and that means more commision. WA realy has a great affiliate program and it is my pleasure to promote It. thanks Brian
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First of all there is a star rating system that give you an idea of how popular the plugin is. Then if you check google for reviews you will find more valuble info. Once you have picked the plugin the plugin must update sometimes if it doesn't update once in a while the plugin Is probably not so good. Updates to plugins often will follow a WP update. If you need a tutoral then punch the name of the plugin into You Tube
October 28, 2013
I have been using alt tags for my media and found that If you use your keyword as a alt tag on one of the pics on your post google and bing rate you a little higher. I have experimented with this concept and found it to be true. But if you use the same alt tag more then once they will move you down in rank. all your media alt tags should be different but should relate to the article.
October 26, 2013
are they like a persoal crawler or are they just checking your site ? how can they work so quick ? Or are they waste of time. Is there a good duplicate checker . So far I can't tell but its nice thinking that we can check for duplicates . If anyone could share a little on these queries pls feel free
October 25, 2013
If a person uses SI Captcha It will prevent hackers and spamers form using automated programs. you must check off the login feature in options. this will deture hackers because they have to run automated programs to hack your password. Of course I learned this the hard way and I'm telling you this too keep your life simple
October 24, 2013
I leaned this the hard way. I was hacked on the 16th and the hacker wiped my site out completely. I write my content in a office program so i still had the material I had posted but had to do all the data entry to get the site back up. If i had backed up my site in the first place It would only have taken a day instead of a week. So just do it back up your site.