I made $3000 in a month.

Last Update: June 25, 2018

Hello Everyone!! :)

So I woke up this morning, happy with the thought of finally being able to finish my level 2 training! What an accomplishment right there! I cannot believe how far I have come.

My journey started out with the idea of wanting to be able to earn more income. I remember my first day on Wealthy Affiliate. I signed up and started on my profile and one of the first things that popped up was "what are your money goals?" I posted on this question that I would be happy earning $1000 a month, but ideally would like to be earning $3000 a month and eventually be able to soley support myself from an online income. Soon I will be waking up saying "I made $3000 this month".

Now, this is a big dream and I know that working through Wealthy Affiliate, things take time. I absolutely love this community and this journey. Who would have thought that I would have a fully functional website in a mere few weeks. Not only do I have my own website, but I have complete control over it. I have chosen the niche "organic health products" and built my website around this. So far I have a few articles about essential oils, clean eating, plastic bags and I'm planning on adding so much more.

In three months time, my aim is to have more content added to my website, as well as affiliate links. I want to be ranking in google and be earning some form of income from this. I know that all good things take time, so I'm not going to put a dollar price on my earning potential.

In six months I am going to have my website completely down-packed. I am going to have a reasonably steady income from my affiliate links and I will hopefully be ranking in google. I will be aiming to add more to my promotional sites, (so far just facebook and google+). Withing 6 months, I am also hoping to have ambassador status.

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marmar463 Premium
You have set some high goals but they are achievable and that is an awesome thing. Keep on working hard because it will pay off sooner than later.
CrawfordTara Premium
Thank you! :)
marmar463 Premium
You are so very welcome
RAFStuart Premium
Love the ambition, keep it going.
NicoleD9 Premium
Congratulations!! That is wonderfull!
ejeans Premium
Congratulation!!!! Thanks for posting to show it can really be done, Working on finishing my website can't wait to send a post like yours.