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Ok after 4 months here goes (bald one by choice LOL) my name is Fred and my other is Moriah and between the both of us we have 3 kids (18, 12, 7) and we love them as much as any parents would.
Now for a little info about me (Fred) I've been unemployed for about 2yrs now & still looking for work but its hard to find work and if I do find work its a 3rd shift & with a kids I just can't do that, plus with her working days and some times not getting in till 8 or even 9 at night it not possible so thats why I'm sitting here hoping I can make this work not just for me but for our kids.
Now for her (Moriah) she works a hard 5 days a week some time 7 days for a good company good pay but like most people she wants to be free, but well she ever tell you that, NO, but if your a fly on the wall you can hear her talking what she like to do or places she like to go , and stuff she likes to buy.
If you ever looking for a good friend or a shoulder she is the one I can't believe she is still with me after losing my job 2yrs ago.
Well that's just a little info about us, if you like to know more feel free to ask I'm not shy I'll tell you , and her it takes a little bit but she'll answer your question .
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Dustinb Premium
Hi Fred, Dustin from "The Eddy fanclub" Lol sorry I couldn't resist. Welcome to the WA family, if you need any help send me a message and I'll see what i can do (Lol except the writing part, I suck in that area as well lol)
Dustinb Premium
Although on the writing part I do have to say that, at least with me, I seem to get better just with doing it. I used to make peoples eyes bleed out of they're sockets when I'd write, now they just get migranes. :D
crawford Premium
Ok now that I'm done reading almost everything on here I like to tell every one a little about me. Well I'm 33 and going on 2yrs out of work and raising to kids (12yr & 7yr) girl & boy and I love them both and have a wonderful girlfriend for now going on 10yrs. Also I have no High School Diploma so that makes it even harder for me so with the help of my girlfriend & my kids we are going to do this and make it out of our hole . I hope to make alot of friends on here cause I could use some new friends cause all my old friends are .... well lets just say they are no longer my friends .
Any way reading in here I seen that we would be doing alot of writting .... I have a little problem I'm not a writer so if any of you don't mine maybe take some time and help me with writing and I also not a good reader too so big words I have a problem with so please take it easy on me .
Now the only skills I do have are warehouse work and running different folklifts . I guess thats about all about me if anything else you like to know about me that I didn't tell you just seen me a line and I'll answer you the best I can. Thaks for reading this and hope we can be friends.
Labman Premium
Welcome to WA
crawford Premium
Hi to every one in WA first off I like to say my name is Fred and today is my first day and I am a little scared . I have never done anything like this before or at least online . So I hope we can be friends and yall can help me out from time to time . Thanks
Jamie Smith Premium
Welcome to the WA family