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So today I turned another year older and as I think about all I have gotten accomplished and have learned I am still nowhere close to what I thought I would be at this stage in life. Many things have been complicated and perhaps someday I will have a book about me.I am reminded that a bday is great for one specific purpose and that's to make a goal to strive for over the next 365 days. One day was the other name I thought about for this post.So I wanted to break down what I have planned for eac
So I didn't even try for this to happen it just did and I think it's kinda funny. Everyone can use this as motivation for the remainder of the month. Don't let a noob out type you LOL.
I know that this can be hard for some people and seem like impossible when you're just getting started. But everyone who can carry on a conversation has it in them to also write great content.The trick is not to try and not force what you're saying. When you're pushing yourself to write another paragraph or come up with 500 additional words. The struggle may just be something you want to come back to.I don't know you but I often feel like I just need time away from talking so I can think on the
June 05, 2017
I am liking this very much, seems like a much easier option for me. My niche hasn't exactly been going smoothly since I was working on it and was leading me to many frustrations. I find that I have far more I can write about going into an mmo so think I may just go ahead and make that one my focus from now on. It's still very early though and will have to see what happens this month and going further but, this isn't as hard as I ever imagined it would be. Still wishing I could figure out th
I think you should all take a better look at your title before you decide to just disapprove someones comments. When I see that the focus of the post leans one way much more then the other. I am going to comment based on that. So a title about camping for the sake of an example should not be the entire focus of the content as well. If you wanted a comment based on your overall site niche BE MORE SPECIFIC IN THE TITLES. Just my thoughts you can have yours too.
I didn't get my website in the the top 5 but I did get my google post after 7 minutes to rank 3rd.
May 25, 2017
Bad Idea? Starting to think this is a battle I can't win. I can break things down and have 1000's of ideas, but for the life of me can't find anywhere that answers my questions of where to get the content to write the helpful posts.It's like everything I try is roadblocked or goes back into time where the only thing I find is steam. Either that or everything feels like I am just copying what is already out there.Not sure what I am doing wrong atm. This may just be self doubt or something bu
Is it just more or are some people just really picky about what they want on comments. I Thought if you asked questions within the niche that was ok. Didn't think I had to go and quote the article exactly for my comments to get approval.
I was reading on the amazon forum the other day. That they have been deleting accounts of people that don't follow there guidelines to the T. I looked over the thread for an hour or so and came across a few interesting things.1. Amazon the word is ok to use but anything user created that duplicates the look of there logos is a huge No No. Also there is a huge list of words you can't use for example click or click this. If it's not on a banner and you write it next to an image could be bad.2.Th
My Sites a mess and not sure what I need to do to make it work the way I was trying.