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Pretty close to being complete, like I mentioned last week I had quite a few articles written and just waiting for edits and adjustments.Still don't understand the indexing maybe it only updates when they are on first page. I haven't been paying attention to where they are ranking.Also, haven't done any product reviews yet not 100% sure what things to promote in a self-help type of WA site.Figuring there is a ton of things that I just haven't thought enough about. Was thinking of doing one for
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February 11, 2018
I have all the written stuff done for the month. Just have to publish the other 9 articles and start working for the next couple months after.Read somewhere that it's a good idea to plan ahead 2-3 months and have your content goals set up per quarter.Started doing that last week and will continue to search keywords and write blog titles. How is everyone else doing? Eric
January 04, 2018
I can just imagine the headlines already...:-) Bug's and flying chaos have tormented WA today...Carson has responded to the issues in WA
Do you think lesson 4 of Course 1 does a good or bad job of explaining a free domain vs one you buy?
With the end of July right around the corner thought I would see how everyone else is liking site content. I am curious about how it will work with the next update and adding images. I have been trying to make my posts smaller so I didn't get as many words this month as last month but still probably just around 18 posts done with it. I even have 3 more outta six pending to publish before the month is done.
July 27, 2017
I got to thinking about how often I need to close tabs on my browser or to stop a search because of all the websites with horrific user experience. Mostly these are big name sites and you would think that they could pay somebody so their sites would be optimized.So why is it then that these websites have the worst User experience and people still go to them? I make a mental note about what pages to not revisit and if I see any kind of relationship from a post or video I avoid it.I really can't
I think it would be nice and I am only speaking for myself here... If you see me helping somebody out and what I am suggesting to that person is outdated. Please send me the correct up to date information or training in a PM.This way I can learn it the right way instead of doing things that are past their usefulness or isn't even being taught anymore. As you may or may not know it's impossible to keep an eye on everything you comment on.I have to blindly find some replies of people I am trying
Look at all the steel here makes me hope I am building up a solid foundation. If you rush into your online business are you as confident as you should be and have you reinforced enough?
Seriously starting to wonder what is up with some of the problems I keep having. This one makes no sense to me because my internet connection is pretty solid atm. WA isn't down or at least I don't see any problems so what else could be causing this?
July 13, 2017
Guess I can write a blog post. If you need anything try asking on my profile. Will see if that works