Would you swim with sharks?

Last Update: March 19, 2018

Okay, now that I have your attention :)

I'm talking whale sharks here.

These magnificent creatures can grow up to 12m long and weight 47,000 lbs.

The reason I'm asking this question is because I'll be doing this in May this year in a place called Donsol in the Philippines. It's just over a 2 hour drive from my wife's parents place in Albay.

The other reason I'm asking is because when you join Premium here it's a bit like swimming with sharks. You have that fear that you're making a mistake. Diving in at the deep end.

When you don't see results you think you've made a mistake. Kyle touched on this recently and if you're a newbie here or are yet to make money, you will probably have doubts.

When I joined in Sept 2016 I felt like I was swimming with sharks, even if these big beauties only eat plankton and don't pose any threats to humans.

The shear size of them is scary enough. The size of the task ahead of you at WA can also be very scary.

Top tip - forget about earning money and focus on providing quality content and a solid foundation.

Remember, you've already jumped in with the sharks. Follow the training, work hard, be patient and the rewards will follow.

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GaryJr Premium
Absolutely I would. I was probably more hesitant to swim with the sharks here than I would be to swim with real ones. One of the reasons I decided join WA was so that I would have opportunities like swimming with whale sharks and more some day.
CraigUKTV Premium
Me too Gary, at least they are not great whites!
Steven-A Premium
go for it.
MKearns Premium
It doesn't take long to develop that swimming strength!
CraigUKTV Premium
It's a marathon Mike, not a sprint :)
Anandhijohn Premium
Thanks for the post
Lazyblogger Premium
Very good tip and those content do help most of your audience, so is a win-win anyway. Love swimming with the sharks, cause if you do it long enough, you will become one. Just saying!
CraigUKTV Premium
Nice one David and a good analogy!