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June 20, 2017
Another milestone reached on my way to the 200 mark!I have to admit slowing down a bit over the last couple of weeks and my traffic has also slowed. I don't know why apart from the obvious loss in rankings on some posts.I will continue to add content and try and mix it up a bit. My tactics are evolving as I progress and I can now see where I should focus a bit more clearly.Despite a drop in traffic (recently dipped below 200 / day) my earnings haven't dropped off since last month's high ($341).
Yesterday I traveled from Kuala Lumpur to Pahang on the East coast to look at a motorbike with a view to buying. I wanted to share some photos since I promised some people that I would.We left KL at 10am and arrived around 1pm in Pahang. My friend took me there in his car.I was totally stoked when I saw the condition of the bike and the deal was done. I then had to get to the local JPJ office to change ownership and organize insurance and road tax. Eventually I got everything sorted and I got o
I just received a very nice email from Paypal."You've got money"What a nice email to get on a Friday! I hope I get another one soon!
June 08, 2017
No, I'm not leaving.I am moving on with my online presence :)I recently started my second website and I am targeting a mini niche site this time. I have only done the housekeeping and added my pages with graphics thus far so it is still in its infancy.However, I hope to start adding content very soon and I am excited to see how it develops.I am halfway through the last of Jay's Case Study Webinars on Niche Sites and if anyone else is interested in starting a smaller site, check them out below.h
I recently asked a question about Google algorithms and how we can satisfy our old friend when trying to get ranked.Yesterday I published a post for a TV box review and I deliberately avoided adding any affiliate links that were not relevant.I read a bit about this in the algorithm reports about how Google doesn't appreciate phantom affiliate links that are not relevant to the post subject matter.I have previously added links that were related to VPNs on my TV box reviews and I think this could
If you write a lot of reviews I would advise you to keep a spreadsheet with a list of all your posts including main KW and metrics.Why keep a record like this?Above is just a snippet of my list. If you have a lot of posts it can come in useful especially when writing reviews. I don't know about you but sometimes I forget if I have reviewed a product and a couple of times I almost duplicated one review.Without checking the spreadsheet it could easily happen if you have 100's of posts and pages.I
In our training here we are taught about the different ways to monetize our website. From memory, I'm pretty sure that Kyle talks about utilizing income streams that are related to our niche.It's quite a while since I did the certification course and my memory ain't what it used to be but I'm sure this topic is covered.Regardless, I want to mention why it's important to broaden your horizons a bit. I'm not talking about flooding your site with affiliate links, far from it.More specifically, why
Some members were interested to see the results of my latest campaign. I set a budget of 150RM and managed to spend almost 200RM! How does that work?I managed to get sales totaling $53 which isn't a lot for 446 post engagements but at least I'm not out of pocket. Also, a few people signed up to my email list but not many.One important thing, it has to be desirable and relevant. People must be interested in it and if it is related to a recent event then even better.
No, Wealthy Affiliate hasn't paid for it (yet), but I know it will eventually. On the back of that, I have decided to buy another bike.After having a test ride on a friend's bike here in Malaysia last week, I have the bug back again.It won't be for another week or two but I'll be adding some pics later. Knowing I have my website earning now has given me a real boost.The one I am looking at is a Benelli TNT 600cc. I hope to get one in black though, instead of red.These are quite new here in Mala
Month #9 - Progress ReportIt's that time again and I wanted to share my earnings for month #9 in the hope that it will encourage you to work hard on your business.The system here at WA is a proven one and this just reinforces how it really works if you follow the training and implement the methods.Traffic for May - 9,500Last month I managed to earn $150 which was a first and it took me 8 months to reach that milestone.This month I have surpassed that and as my traffic grows so does my earnings.