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Sorry if this headline sounds confusing. I have an article that is targeting a keyword for 8300 searches per month.The reason I am sharing this is to show how I achieved this. The article itself doesn't have a high QSR (27) but the searches for this keyword is huge. In August it was almost 10,000 per month. Today it has 8300 per month which is still a lot.When I wrote the article it started off on Page 3, ranked around 35 or so. As you can see from the graph below, to took me 2 months to finall
I received an email from a magazine company in the UK saying I had been nominated for one of their awards. I mean, WHAT???I thought at first it was a wind-up or internet troll but apparently not. The company checks out and the company rep even left her phone number if I wanted to call her to ask any questions.The company is called TMT Magazine and they are located in the UK. have no idea who, what or why but it was a nice email to receive. I don't expect to win
September 12, 2017
I got scammed recently by an Ad campaign on Facebook. The company is called Trend Cure and they were advertising jewelry. I ordered something for my wife on our anniversary. At first everything went smoothly and I was looking forward to receiving it within 4 days.2 weeks later it still hadn't arrived so I decided to check it out. The company has a website and FB page and it's all quite professional. When I checked my order it said it had been canceled on 25th August with no explanation.I was ch
I've touched on this subject before and many others have too. Yesterday I got a less than complimentary comment which does happen from time to time.I was mulling over how to approach it and I decided to try and use it to my advantage. Boy, did I underestimate how it would benefit me!Comments are contentOkay, let's not get too excited. After all, it's only a comment. However, the comment and reply turned into another comment and reply from the same person which in turn has added a sum total of a
September 11, 2017
It has taken me a full year but 2 days ago I managed to attract my 50th active subscriber to my IPTV service that I am affiliated to.This is the highest # of "active subs" that I've ever had. Affiliate commissions vary from €3 to €10 per subscription (depending on the package they are signed up with).E.G. If everyone was on the higher package I would get 50 x 10 = 500 Euros / month (approx. $715). This is just one of my income streams but the best earner so far. It's bringing in aroun
So this just happened.I wanted to share my progress after 1 year here. My website was created on September 10th 2016 and since then I have the following content:I was hoping to reach 200 posts in my first year but I have been on vacation for the last 2 weeks so it never happened.TrafficMy organic traffic is still hovering around the 6 to 7k visitors per month and I can't seem to break out from this. All I can do is continue to add content.I am not focused on social media except when I run FB Ad
I'm sure some of us have experienced this at some time.But what do you do when it happens? Do you react? Do you ignore it? If it is worth replying to I will usually reply.But if it is negative and could possibly have a negative impact on my campaign, I usually "hide" it. To hide a negative comment doesn't delete it. It means it will only be visible to the author and their friends. I think that's reasonable and it won't appear on any future timelines.I got one yesterday and whilst he is right ab
August 22, 2017
This is Off Topic so for that I apologize, but I wanted to share my thinking ahead. For those that don't know, I am in Malaysia on a Work Permit. That means I am effectively tied to my full-time job here.If I was to leave and go full-time with my online business, I could only stay in Malaysia for a limited time before exiting. My wife and son are both from Philippines and they would only get 30 days here. Basically, I would have to forfeit my work permit and their dependent passes.It would thro
Nice little day yesterday thanks to Amazon.I am an Amazon Associate in UK, USA and Canada. Yesterday I had sales on UK and USA plus I also got some affiliate sales on my IPTV account.It can be quite deflating when checking Affiliate accounts on a regular basis, I really have to try and stop doing this, but it's nice when you see some sales going through.Due to my niche, the commissions are not huge but it does make me wonder how good it could be if you are in a rewarding niche with higher commi
August 14, 2017
It's tough trying to earn money on the internet isn't it? How about holding down 2 jobs at the same time? That's pretty tough too. I know this from personal experience as a lot of you probably do too.Nobody said it was gonna be easy, unless you arrived here through misinformation.I didn't. I knew how tough it was gonna be.I knew this because of my previous failures with affiliate marketing using a different platform. If you read a lot of blogs from successful people on here, a lot of them have