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I didn't expect to meet this milestone last week but I got a couple of late sales on my TV subscriptions which took my earnings up to $1100 for the month of Jan.It's taken me almost 1 year and 5 months to achieve this level of earnings but I set myself a target of 18 months so I'm pretty chuffed to have made it.I want to share my journey, not to gloat but to show you how things can change along the way and also how I had to re-focus and change my strategy.Income StreamsI started off with 3 inco
January 29, 2018
Firstly, let me apologize to my followers and friends here for not being around much. I have been busy setting up an online store and working on a new TV platform with another hosting company.I have now got it up and running with just a few tweaks left to add the finishing touches. It's quite exciting for me and it's proving to be quite popular even after only 1 month.This month it has generated over $600 which is more than I expected for the first month. That, coupled with my old TV affiliatio
December 19, 2017
I've been toying with the idea of changing TV supplier (my affiliation) and I finally decided to make the move after losing customers due to my supplier's total lack of care and blatant disregard for customers.I found a supplier that had a good system but this meant adding a payment system to my website. I was a bit reluctant to do that since my website is mainly for reviews and blogs so I decided to create a subdomain.Thanks to all the great training on here (K&C, MagiStudios, TeddyBear, M
December 12, 2017
Forgive me if this has already been covered, but I've been AWOL for the last couple of weeks. I tried searching but couldn't find another blog covering it.For those of you that use the Sumo plugin (myself included), I've just noticed that the FREE version now allows you to integrate an email autoresponder (I use MailChimp but there are plenty others).This was previously only available in a subscribed package but they must have changed their policy recently. This is great news and means we don't
November 26, 2017
I got excited when I read my Google Analytics for yesterday. Sunday always seems to be a popular day for traffic to my website but it broke all records yesterday.Unfortunately it's not all organic traffic so I'm not getting too excited. My organic traffic was 260 with the top two posts coming from social media Ads. At least, the majority would be from social media, maybe a small amount of organic for these two.It's hard to imagine getting this many visitors in a single day. When is your best da
I recently wrote a blog here about improving your rankings. This involved adding a News category to your site and publishing News articles on a regular basis. repeating myself it's a good way to improve your rankings but it also goes hand-in-hand with running Ad campaigns.This is because your News articles are based on Google Alerts which are topical. So, it's a double-bubble scenario. If you write a great topical post that people are really interested in
One of the WA members on here suggested this to me a few months ago (thanks RICH). I was struggling to increase my traffic which was tied to rankings so he recommended adding a News category to my website.This is tied directly to Google Alerts so whenever I get an interesting news story I write about it, targeted around keywords of course.I also quote the news source and using <blockquote cite> I link to the article too. This has improved my workload because I try to write my News items a
Some of you may remember that I was nominated for an award in the Entertainment category by TMT Magazine. At the time I was excited and kind of wondered if there was some kind of catch.Well I just received an email informing me that I had won in the Best IPTV Advisory Site for 2017. The complimentary package includes a free listing in their online directory and an official TMT Magazine Press Release.Then they offer packages to tempt you into advertising. Is it a scam? Is this just one big attem
October 18, 2017
Hi all,I just managed to reach 200 posts on my site. It took me a little while longer than I was hoping but I did have quite a few weeks where I wasn't posting.I had kinda hoped to reach 200 in 12 months but I'm still happy with just over 13 months. Traffic is still hovering around 7k per month so I'm hoping to see improvements on that over the next 12 months.My last post was about getting Sky TV in Malaysia which made me smile because it's taken me 200 posts to write that! I live in Malaysia b
I've been meaning to do this for a while just to see how much I made in my first year here. I am still trying to scale up to a point where I can go full time but it's harder than I envisaged.I need to do a re-think and change my tactics. This journey is ever-evolving and it's not just a case of churning out posts. That worked for me up to a point but I need to have another strategy at the same time.Anyhoo.......I think I have done quite well and whilst some may not have earned as much in their