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Okay, now that I have your attention :)I'm talking whale sharks here.These magnificent creatures can grow up to 12m long and weight 47,000 lbs.The reason I'm asking this question is because I'll be doing this in May this year in a place called Donsol in the Philippines. It's just over a 2 hour drive from my wife's parents place in Albay.The other reason I'm asking is because when you join Premium here it's a bit like swimming with sharks. You have that fear that you're making a mistake. Diving
I have to be honest with you. I've never been a fan of videos on Facebook.When they started appearing on my personal newsfeed I found it very annoying and intrusive, especially the videos that auto-played.But I know I'm a dinosaur and have to respect the popularity of videos on a newsfeed. I also have to embrace it for my business.Yesterday, I did that.Thanks to Karen ( for the training on Lumen5, I finally tackled it and added videos to my FB Page. I a
If you haven't used Sumo before take a look at what it can do. This is a free version and you can even connect it to your email responder like MailChmip etc.Now you can also add a countdown to your opt-in forms like below.It really is a fantastic product and will help to grow your email list. It comes with pre-loaded templates that you can modify with your own graphics and details.I only just found the countdown option. Any experienced internet marketer will tell you that countdown/timers reall
Get out and do it!I've never been a huge fan of networking, mainly because it involves meeting people that I don't know. I'm not an introvert or anything, but I prefer to choose my company.I'm coming round to this networking idea now. For my niche it's ideal because I sell physical products. In the last few days I've met someone who could really help to scale up my business.The guy is a Realtor and he has many contacts who also lease apartments and who are craving for a good TV service with acc
This kinda depends on your niche but WORD OF MOUTH is really helping my business.The good thing about selling TV packages is effectively creating advertising too. When someone visits one of my customers they will probably see their TV and maybe ask where they got the system from.Of course, the more customers you have the more referrals are likely. I get quite a lot now so I decided to use my email list to promote a referral program.Refer 1 friend and get 10% off your subscription.Refer 2 friend
If you are new to affiliate marketing here or are struggling to make money from your website, try following my 5 tips to improve your earnings. These are borne from experience in my 18 months here at Wealthy Affiliate.When I first joined here I knew how to use WordPress so I had a bit of a leg up already. Once you familiarize yourself with WordPress it’s pretty much rinse and repeat for all your posts. In the beginning, it’s difficult to earn anything especially from organic traffi
It's all down to Email marketing.If you haven't started building an email list I would urge you all to check in with Jay this weekend. Here is a link to his upcoming Webinar. I started building my list and marketing through email, it has really improved my earnings. I always have promotions each month and when they are due to expire I always give my customers one last chance to get any special offer.Today was the last day I am
February 19, 2018
...working for the corporate club!It's always been my plan to work full-time on my own business. I have a feeling I may be able to achieve this next year.Things are moving very fast and I may have 2 people working for me soon, as Resellers. The last month has been a bit crazy with more and more customers signing up to my TV service from all over the World.So, how has this happened?I've seen an increase in organic traffic to my site and I'm wondering if this is my website now receiving full trac
February 14, 2018
In Malaysia we have a big expat community, from countries all over the World. Kuala Lumpur is a very popular destination and is a multi-cultural environment.I'm toying with the idea of getting beer mats (coasters) printed and handing them out to the local bars and restaurants here to promote my services. Double sided design.I'd appreciate your thoughts. Am I taking it too far?Front >>>Back >>>
Just like that, bish bash bosh. What a mad weekend!How did this happen?Quite simply, these things can and will happen when you get your website established and it matures over time.I can see a busy week ahead because I am just about to send out a mailshot giving away free TV boxes for anyone wishing to take out annual subscriptions to my TV service.Hurry while stocks last :)Wish me luck!