Income Report Month 7

Last Update: Mar 22, 2017


I thought I would share this just to prove how Wealthy Affiliate does work even in a niche that isn't related to WA.

The figures below are "to date". I haven't bothered keeping track month to month because my sales have only really taken off in the last couple of months.

I was initially a bit skeptical about Amazon working for me but it looks like it could still be a good option, especially as my traffic increases in the coming months and years.

Some of the sales below will repeat monthly (my IPTV and VPN subs)

IPTV subscriptions: $123

VPN subscriptions: $230

Amazon: $40

Total = $393

So, that's my WA membership taken care of :)

Onwards and upwards and good luck all.

- Craig.

Recent Comments


Congratulations Craig .. your sales are starting to look really good with momentum building .. Cheers, William.

Thanks William, we like a bit of momentum!

Great success.

Thank you for the encouragement Craig. Nice work!

You are doing Great! Good to hear that.

I really enjoy reading these success posts. The knowledge that WA members are earning revenue as a result of the training gives me motivation to keep creating quality content for my visitors, which will eventually lead to sales.

Glad it helped to motivate you Tony.

Awesome Craig! Love it

That's great! Really, a WA member doesn't really need to get a referral at WA to earn. The training and tools provided here is enough to make money online. The affiliate program of WA is great too if done correctly. It's clear that WA is really the best!


Thanks Ces, yup it does work but we also have to apply ourselves. I look forward to the day when it really takes off.

Good to hear that and quite inspiring when there is a prove that WA really works.

thanks Maxx

That's your yearly membership with enough left over for dinner and dessert! Excellent!!!

true V :)

Good waay of creating income as you sleep Craig!

yes indeed Mike ;-)

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