Would You Trust Artificial Intelligence to Write Your Blogs?

Last Update: May 29, 2021

Would YOU Trust ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE to Write Your Blogs?

Are we to think today's AI and machine learning can facilitate the path to attractive blogging that produces results and converts prospects OR a total waste of time that has little return?

How to bridge the gap towards faster productivity? Can hiring and managing teams execute this process?

(A tall order indeed)

Can AI and machine learning simplify our blogging efforts? Content strategy? What do you think, folks?

So what use is AI and machine learning can do for us.

Take some of the guesswork and legwork out of content calendar creation.

Speed up the process of brainstorming.

Identity successful topics.

Track competitor's websites in real-time and relevance to markets.

Analyze online data from millions of sources and report findings, channels including search, social and mobile.

Strategies to improve content SEO gaps.

Improve our content traffic, conversions, and revenue.

Some even advise what to write to rank for specific topics.

How truthful are those statements? Can they REALLY write effective blog content for us? Can they produce REAL ROI?

One specific tool used by members, including myself, is Grammarly. It is an AI-powered grammar checking tool to auto-flag typos and grammatical errors. To include rephrasing sentences.




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laurenjean Premium Plus
No, I don't trust AI to write my blogs. I have tested a couple of AI content writers out and I was not impressed with the results. I found that turning those posts into an actual post was harder work than writing from scratch.

I employ the services of a great freelance content writer. She's brilliant, experienced and can write posts in about a quarter of the time it takes me. Yet still, I will often re-work the post or add my own voice to the post to make it my own.

I agree AI has its place. I use Grammarly and the free plagiarism checker provided by Small SEO Tools.
Thank you for this post, Countrylife.

It makes me think about how we should be mindful of these AI tools' input. We need to ensure they have good data with in-depth research if we want them to work well and remain unbiased.

If we use these like typical tools or add our own spin on things, they can do a better job at what is asked of them!

The power of artificial intelligence and machine learning is reaching new heights.

There are many benefits to switching from human-made copywriting efforts to AI-based for bloggers, content creators, marketers, and entrepreneurs alike.

Engagement tools like Conversion.ai combine creative direction with ethical considerations for better conversion rates!

Content creation can be made more fluid thanks to Jarvis' ability to help break through writer's block while also creating high converting marketing campaigns filled only with words your customers want to hear about in an engaging tone they'll enjoy reading daily.

Without all those annoying grammatical errors, we've come accustomed to as well!

Many Blessings
CarolMeador Premium
Absolutely not! I wouldn't even let a human write for me, much less AI. I love to write and am very picky about sentence structure, grammar, and punctuation. And my tongue in cheek humor would probably fall flat with AI trying to write it! In my opinion, my writiing reflects who I am, and poorly written content is a negative reflection on me. I hate it when my computer thinks it knows what I'm saying and changes things as I'm typing.
Denise462 Premium Plus
No! Writing is the joy of being a writer. It's just like driving a car to a person who loves to take a car out onto the open road. They enjoy the feeling of their hair iblowing in the wind while they speed unencumbered (unless there's a cop) down the road in the hot desert sun on the way to Las Vegas for a weekend of steam blowing and fun. Condition human.

Robots can be helpful, are sometimes cute and amusing, and can do marvelous things. However, there is a down side. I will miss being human should they continue to replace the things I love to do. I always wonder why somebody would want to. And what if someday they want to replace me?
JeffreyBrown Premium
Absolutely not, Lula!

countrylife Premium
Hey Jeff, you're right and thank you :)
Wishing you continued success.
JeffreyBrown Premium
Thanks, Lula! I wish you all the best continuing success as well!