Sexy Novelty Mugs

Last Update: February 05, 2018

Hi WA,

I am excited and a little overwhelmed at this new experience.

I am trying out "Sexy Novelty Mugs" as my niche, thinking it would be simple. So far I have discovered that there is so much depth to WA that simple is just not the case.

I do believe that eventually I will actually understand what I am doing with lots of practise, practise and more practise. To that end, I want to thank the WA community for your efforts thus far in leading me gently into understanding such an incredibly complex business and organisation.

I am currently working two jobs while I am learning. My goal is 3 months down the track, to have completed my website and be on the way to a new full time career here at WA.

WA is the only business I have ever seen that truly does pay it forward and I want to be a part of something bigger than myself.

So thank you all in advance for your support and help. It truly is a joy to have joined the team.

Kind regards Coucka

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qrwizard Premium
Interesting niche! I'll be following you.
Best wishes!

phoeby123 Premium
We all learn bit by bit. Keep moving forward. Glad to hear your starting a project with clear goals in mind.
Coucka Premium
Thank you Phoeby.
Good luck with your endeavours too.
We all have a dream and mine is to find a home here in WA. I may be slow but I will get there in the end.
phoeby123 Premium
The turtle always wins the race.