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MIND MAPPING FOR CONTENT CREATION I don’t know about anyone else, but I have been struggling with content creation. You get to point with your blogs where you wonder how you can possibly come up with new articles that is fresh information. I was surfing YouTube the other day and watched a video by Tony Buzan, a neurologist, with credentials in psychology etc. An over achiever, I first watched a half hour lecture. I was less than impressed with his delivery to his audience, he was passiv
Wealthy AffiliateI started out at WA three months ago with one website called Sexy Novelty Mugs at I quickly realised there was not any room in this niche and I found that females objected to the word sexy. Sadly women were the focus of my market, so I found it very difficult to find subject matter that matched my website description that was not objectionable. I decided to abandon Sexy Novelty Mugs and then tried my hand at website No. 2 called try-before-you-buy for Exotic
April 08, 2018
I am half way through my apprenticeship finishing Level 3. The haze is clearing and and I can now see the future unfolding.It has been a real learning experience and I want to thank everyone out there that has helped me with constructive critism and esspecially the tech department. Without them I would never have made it this far.I hope you are finding this WA adventure as much fun as I am. The adventure continues...Peace and Love Coucka
February 05, 2018
Hi WA, I am excited and a little overwhelmed at this new experience.I am trying out "Sexy Novelty Mugs" as my niche, thinking it would be simple. So far I have discovered that there is so much depth to WA that simple is just not the case.I do believe that eventually I will actually understand what I am doing with lots of practise, practise and more practise. To that end, I want to thank the WA community for your efforts thus far in leading me gently into understanding such an incredibly complex