Yesterday, lessons learnt. WA you have done it again

Last Update: June 07, 2019

I just had to add this little blog to say thank you.

Yesterday was a bit of a nightmare day, I spent 12 hours trying to achieve the simple act of Affiliate links on Amazon, not previously a problem. My brain was stuffed to overload and I was one big angry frustrated Bear.

I asked for help on WA and received in droves. I watched yet more vids but nothing seemed to work,

But two of you in particular gave your time so generously and guided me home

Mr Techhound


Mr Mcb 247

Big fat brilliant both of you

Jim I couldn't have done it without your guidance and patience god knows what time you were up to last night.

Not forgetting Tech Support, you answered my whinny email at 11pm UK time.

So finally this morning, freshly woked, I managed to work a minor miracle (it seemed that way after yesterday) post landed. with all the requsitie links (YAY)

WA is a phenomenal platform, you old timers already know this, but for newbies like me, keep plodding on, you will have bad days, days where you go forward one step and go back two, re do lessons that previously you had managed to do. But, stay with it because there are literally hundreds of people like Techhound and Mcb247 right behind you. Where in heavens name would you get this sort of service anywhere else.

WA Community you are just fabulous.... xx

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LLettau1 Premium
All is well that ends well.
CordeliaN Premium
N33 Premium
Phenomenal and fabulous.
techhound Premium
Thanks for the shout out, Cordelia. I agree that this is an awesome community where help is available when you need it. I was happy you were able to get your situation resolved. Best Regards, Jim
CordeliaN Premium
Do you know it was your last comment last night, I new it was going to be resolved....and it was 🤓😁
Pepiccione Premium
Yes Cordelia! I went though the same! And the Comunity was there helping us.
They are awesome really. Glad you were able to fix the problem.

Keep rocking Cordelia!

CordeliaN Premium
Ahh thank you
SaraPoyner Premium
I’m glad you got your issues sorted!
CordeliaN Premium
Thank you, I certainly did... and thank you for the follow