Silver Lining

Last Update: May 29, 2019

I had some bad news today,

Likevmany things what may initially look like your worst nightmare when looked at in a different way can sometimes be a silver lining (I teach in a men’I prison and often this is the epiphany many discover)

So my bad news is nothing on that scale nor was it anything that can’t be cured, but never the less i was thrown a curved ball.

I researched many affiliates/internet business over the last 8 weeks and discovered WA.

I took the plunge about 2.5 weeks ago and committed to the first nine training modules fitting it around work. I did everything that was asked of me including all the tasks. I was really proud of my acheivments, in fact when we reached module 10 Karl listed everything I had done so far.....I admit I was chuffed to bits (Brit speak for “thrilled with my achievements)

So I signed up for Premium, even more chuffed...every night after work I looked forward to my next lesson. Then I get to the task about key word search on Jaaxy, no problem, I watch Karl ‘s session on writing key rich content for his Drills basketball post....and then I start to doubt myself and start to procrastinate.... I start checking other peoples posts, blogs pages etc and all of a sudden I don’t feel chuffed I feel a bit rubbish (useless). So what I do is to leave that one out and go and do other modules. I get a Domain Name and it even gets indexed

Then I hit another stumbling block, so no content with key rich post....and now because I am nowonto to modules in 3 4 & 5 I am at the point where Karl is suggesting I need my website critiqued by one of the friendly WA community, this task also needed to be swerved for the time being because obviously I have only “about me” and privacy on my website, i am also intimidated by the skills of WA community

So to today and the bad news..... for the last 5 days I have been unwell, I didn’t feel well enough to go onto WA website, my profile, training or anything my stinking cold was giving me loads of reasons to procrastinate further... I knew I needed to get stuck in and just do it what’I the worst that could I started last night....yes I started and managed to get 1/3 of the way through before crashing .

I awoke up this morning usual 5:15 alarm call but felt so awful I decided to take a day off sick....thought I would ring the surgery for an over the phone script, Doctor’s reception said “pop in and see the Doctor” in the UK that does not usually happen, you have to ring at 8:10 or 8:30 with the 40 or 50 sick people hoping to get one of the 2 appointments, but there she was listening to me asking for the doctor to ring me when she said “pop in” I said I don’t need an appointment I just need some antibiotics for a chest infection....but I popped in and have been signed off sick until 13th June with Pneumonia or as the note says Acute lower respiratory tract infection.

First thought was OMG my boss will kill me, second thought was, OMG monthly stats are due on Friday maybe I’ll just quickly go into work.

My boss won’t kill me and no I am not allowed into work not even for an hour.

So Silver Lining : I read a blog today it was another newbie WA member, she was explaining her commitment and then went on to say how she had gone from 100,000+ ranking to 2000 in 9 days. That in itself was motivational. So I realized today it’s not just the fear of failing thats causing me to procrastinate its also subliminally the fear of success. This is evident by the self sabotage I often create in daily life. For example, I desire a fit and slender body, I know exactly how to achieve it, and it does not include take out curries or Chinese food, nor does it include slothful lounging around when not working which happens on a too regular basis .... so you see I know how to but that is not always enough.

Alter my mindset.

So I am off work for the next two weeks and by letting you guys know this I am (I believe) mentally committing myself to succeed.

So here’I the plan

During the next 14 days

I will complete the 1st and several more blogs, do the rest of the training (yes even the intimidating ones) and Ask For Help when I falter.

Increase my ranking substantially

And finally share it with you (often)

Thank you for reading until the end

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LLettau1 Premium
It takes a lot of mental strength.
CordeliaN Premium
You are not wrong....🙏
mcknisu Premium
Hi, hope you are feeling better....Keep plugging away at the training! You can do it. Cheers!
CordeliaN Premium
Day of learning today
Day off in front of my iPad 😁
Mick18 Premium
I hope you get feeling better.
EdwinBernard Premium
Cordelia, isn’t it cathartic writing all your concerns and recovery plan down?

When I hit the request for feedback lesson, funny enough, my reaction was exactly like yours. I didn’t understand the logic of requesting feedback when my website was bare bones. Since I had to provide feedback on two members to earn one request of my own, I got dejected.

Those websites were so advanced compared to mine. I provided my feedback. Bit my tongue. And made a feedback request for my pathetic website.

You see, I incorrectly thought the websites I got for checking out were from newbies like myself. Far from it. I later discovered that those could be from anyone.

We all progress at our own pace. It’s destructive to compare our results to others.

Once I was deeper into the course and picked up more tools of the trade together with the lessons learned, my website started looking so much better.

Think for a moment. If you knew how to do everything why take this course? Make steady progress. Do apply the lessons taught until you get it right. Ask questions if need be. That is the way to gain expertise and shine!

Being off for two weeks will give you an opportunity to get a head start. It’s going to be fun.

All the best to you.

CordeliaN Premium
Thank you Edwin i like that perspective, I too thought I was looking at a newbies site and just felt pretty scared and out of my depth.
It’s all about perspective, take a different view and a stumbling block might actually be a golden nugget...well that’s my current thought process. Thank you so much for taking the time to both read and comment 🤓
EdwinBernard Premium
You're most welcome!

BarbaraBC Premium
Feel better. Take care and get well.