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I've been creating very thorough content with my site and seeing some awesome results. I figured I'd "pipe in" on some things that might help you get an idea of what you need to do as you move forward and learn how to create content on your website!Thorough Content WORKS2 days ago I created a "buyer's guide" on my website that is over 5,300 words long. Published as a blog post, I go over the pros and cons of each product and then elaborate on the "guidelines" that someone should follow while se
What do you mean by this?Not so much here within WA... Thankfully because of the transparent and valuable training/community. There are step-by-step training modules here for a reason.There are too many folks in this industry that are focused on landing page optimization, monetizing in the short term, short term funnels, yada yada yada... If you have fallen for the "shiny objects" in the affiliate marketing industry (Like how I have in previous years... For real, I've spent $2,000+ on BS course
Putting In The Work, It Should Be Simple...In the past with my business I've been able to snag up the every day work flow, even if it was only a few hundred words in one session...The world is in a really weird and exhausting spot right now. Lots of changes have happened and with that... Some of us might not be feeling the urge and excitement of building the business up.I know that's how I've been. With my business, I've done a few awesome posts and what not and I see the results but at times I
March 16, 2018
Reflecting On The PastFor me, it has been over 3 years being apart of this incredible community... Recently, I've been doing a lot of reflecting.I worked hard on my first website to bring it to a state where I've had the opportunity of doing affiliate marketing full-time. While I was in college from 8am-3pm then work from 4pm-10pm+ I took most of the downtime to work, work, work.Fast forward to today and I can say that I'm doing a fraction of the amount of content creation that I did back then.
January 20, 2016
So, You Want Google To Trust You?My past few posts have been all about content so you can bet this next one is going to be on the same topic. :)Why though?Because content is what you need for your ideal success. I personally promise and guarantee you that.I focused so hard when I started out, worked 10x harder than I do today and I mean that 100%.Some days I would write 3 entire blog posts going for 1,000+ words each. You need a crazy heavy desire to make it happen and to do whatever it takes t
Engagement Is KeyWant to know why?Because it's a form of content creation as well.You should use the SiteComments feature here, only approving quality comments that actually pertain to your niche, until you start getting organic traffic and organic comments.Once you start getting daily comments on your posts from search traffic then you can stop using SiteComments. Google will absolutely love you and give you some ranking love if you reply to every single comment that you're given.At the end of
YES, I QUIT, I SACRIFICED IT ALLI QUIT.I quit hanging out with friends that don't help me grow internally and externally.I quit watching so much TV, because it doesn't really matter.I quit playing so many video games, but for me, THIS IS HARD TO DO. (LOL) But again, they really don't matter. Video games don't help me grow. They're only a form of "entertainment".I quit hovering in front of my cell phone for hours on end. It's called a "cell" phone for a reason... (similar to jailing your mind in
Action is key to anything and everything in life.When you realize that everything around you that you call "life" is made up by people that are no smarter than you... your life will change.Belief leads to Potential which can lead to Action (if you allow it) which inevitably leads to Results.If you want results then take action. You'll thank yourself later.Cheers,
June 29, 2015
Hey WAers :)It's another day, Summer has hit now and things at Wealthy Affiliate are poppin'...What a GREAT time we're in.What a GREAT opportunity that we have within our grasp in this booming information age.There may be some days where you tell yourself to take a break or that you can get that blog post task done "tomorrow" or "someday".Tomorrow Is Not Today!Right here, right now, is not tomorrow.Quit making excuses! We don't embrace excuses, we embrace solutions.Write your post/posts TODAY be
So I've been with WA since Nov. 2014. Things have been going GREAT and I've actually been able to quit my day job thanks to everything that WA has shown me in the past 5 months! :D It's going to be pretty crazy working full-time on websites at home but I'm more than ready for that experience :) Upgrading to yearly is going to save me a lot of money in the years ahead that I plan on being with Wealthy Affiliate. The future is very bright for affiliate marketing and Wealthy Affiliate as a whole a